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Breast Reduction 30HH

After years of hating my large saggy breasts and been refused NHS treatment for this due to it being a 'low priority' operation I have decided, at 51 years old, enough. I don't have an exact date yet for the surgery but I'm hopeful for this month so will keep a diary of events in due course. I am so excited to be able to wear normal sized clothes! I was lucky to have been given a date very... READ MORE

9 Days Post-Op - United Kingdom, GB

I wanted to share with you all this photo of my outer and inner thigh liposuction that I had only 9 days ago. This was surgical liposuction and I'm told my legs are still swollen. I'm wearing a support garment constantly and took it off to shower and take this photo. I can't wait to see the end results. Today is two weeks post since my liposuction and this morning my thighs measured half an... READ MORE

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Boxy Breast After Breast Reduction

I'm 12 days post op and have just had my dressings taken off my Breast reduction. My breasts are very wide and 'boxy' and much larger than I hoped for. My PS tells me there is... READ MORE

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Looks great and really small. I'm a similar height and weight to you and feel very envious. Mine didn't turn out as small as yours look. I'm hopeful the swelling with subside but it doesn't seem to be going. READ COMMENT

I'm wearing a 32DD sports bra which is a lot smaller but to me doesn't feel very small. I went up a back size so essentially I'm probably an E or maybe a small F. I was H/HH before. I have a very small back (29 inches) and I can see a... READ COMMENT

I am in the same boat as you. Very unhappy about the size of my breasts after surgery, in fact, it's all I think of. I am 3 weeks post op and being told to be patient. READ COMMENT

Do you know how much was taken out? I was. Size 30HH before and my PS took 300g from one and 320g from the other, which is hardly anything. I still fit my old bras, I don't spill out like I used to and they are 'roomy' but honestly... READ COMMENT

I can relate to what you say. I feel exactly the same, my surgeon was more concerned with scarring and blood supply to the nipple and as a result has not taken enough (in my opinion). I still have a big wide mass at the front of my... READ COMMENT