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Smart Lipo of Saddle Bag Area

Only two weeks out but my bags are gone. Just a bit of swelling left to leave. I'm wearing a compression garment that's comfortable. I'm wearing it beyond the required two weeks as I want the best outcome. Not very painful, just tender. Iced alot and took Tylenol 3. Still is tender, but off... READ MORE

How Could I Be Soooo Dumb???? - Toronto, ON

At almost 44, and breast feeding two babies, my boobs looked deflated. They were ok in bras and with support, but unclothed , a bit sad. So while visiting a plastic surgeon to explore possibilities for my cellulite, saddle bags and developing turkey neck, I began to consider putting some... READ MORE

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You are lucky to go so small with 158cc! What is your BWD? I wanted that size but they told me my breast with diameter was too wide at 12.5 that I needed a wider, and thus, larget implant. I have 260 over the muscle low profile with... READ COMMENT

*two* not to lol READ COMMENT

Hi, I'm no expert, but a 350 cc would probably take up to bra sizes. I just had 260 low profiles, snd went from a droopy B to a D cup. I didn't want to be bigger, just filled up after breastfeeding. You will end up bigger, even if... READ COMMENT

I had natrelle 410s, FX 360s, textured. They didn't settle or get soft in the two years I had them. Stayed veiny too. Just switched to 260 smooth rounds, hoping they will feel softer and more natural. Your results are beautiful! Super... READ COMMENT

Explanting with local anesthesia in his office shouldnt be very costly. If you hate them that much, get them out. It's your body and you are in charge of it. I've explanted do I know how it feels to hate heavy implants. READ COMMENT