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46, 2 Kids, Deflated, Switching from Anatomical to 260 Low Profile Rounds - Toronto, ON

After replanting the too firm anatomicals that had too much projection, I waited six months to see how I felt . I didn't want to be bigger, or augmented, but just have a bit of upper pole and return of lost volume. I returned to Dr.Rice , as hrs do good st what he does. I showed him pictures of my goals and he said we could achieve that with a low profile implant as small as my BWD would allow... READ MORE

How Could I Be Soooo Dumb???? - Toronto, ON

At almost 44, and breast feeding two babies, my boobs looked deflated. They were ok in bras and with support, but unclothed , a bit sad. So while visiting a plastic surgeon to explore possibilities for my cellulite, saddle bags and developing turkey neck, I began to consider putting some stuffing back in to my breasts. I've never been one for augmentation. I've been very happy with my 34 Bs. I... READ MORE

Smart Lipo of Saddle Bag Area

Only two weeks out but my bags are gone. Just a bit of swelling left to leave. I'm wearing a compression garment that's comfortable. I'm wearing it beyond the required two weeks as I want the best outcome. Not very painful, just tender. Iced alot and took Tylenol 3. Still is tender, but off pain meds. Bruising is much better now, and I took bromalain and arnica General anesthesia as had... READ MORE

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The 360's with extra full projection made me look heavier, like 10 lbs heavier. I felt more matronly. READ COMMENT

Oh I see that you are getting a lift , too. You're going to look amazing once everything is all healed up. It's hard sometimes to have the patience though! READ COMMENT

I had asymmetry , so 260 in my largest on my right side, and 290 in my littlest side, the left. I love small and dainty boobs, so I'm totally biased. I wanted 175's but they wouldn't do it. That said, there's probably not much... READ COMMENT

Thank you Cleanteeth! I was just thinking yesterday that my tummy is getting bit doughy. It's winter and under all these sweaters, it's easy to let things go a bit! Thanks for giving me some motivation to get back on track. :) READ COMMENT