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Honest Review - Lafayette, LA

Hello I've always hated my nose went on vacation to New Orleans for my birthday weekend just my husband and I and oh my I was forced to be stuck with a three way mirror I couldn't take it I told my husband "omg that's what it looks like? I've got to do something I hated my nose but never was forced to stare at it from the most unflattering angles!! Anyway had surgery Friday the 26th had a... READ MORE

Questions from Bbangelle

Why Would I Have to Wear Splints at Night for 4 to 6 Weeks After Rhinoplasty?

Hello my surgery is scheduled in 2 weeks I was told by my surgeon he would have to break my nose on the same side but twice to make it straight he said after wards I'd have to... READ MORE

Do Spreader Grafts Like the Tissue or Cartlidge Itself Swell?

Spreader grafts after rhinoplasty seem huge up my nose do they shrink down over time or am I going to have them getting in the way I can barely navigate a q tip or saline spray... READ MORE

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I know!! And now just from updating I'm obsessing over my nose again :( READ COMMENT

Aww thank you! Your so kind! READ COMMENT

I totally understand stand how you feel. I understand you waited your whole life for this and how could this happen. Has your doc addressed your concerns? I looked at your photos mine was opposite I still had a bump but not right away.... READ COMMENT

Your 1 1/2 months post op right? I looked at your pics . I think Filler would work on your bridge . However, it's not permanent. READ COMMENT

My doc said he would Be a revision at no cost but I don't think I would ever go through that misery again lol!!! It's way better than before and I was warned to not have my expectations to high. So I'm fine with it overall. I still have... READ COMMENT