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Coolsculpting on Back and Underarms - Calgary

I was pretty skeptical about having this done, but having already had liposuction in other areas, I was dreading the thought of more lipo. The Dr. was very positive about it-he had done it on a couple of ladies who work in his office before buying the machine to make sure it wasn't too good to be true. I got lucky-the day I was going in for CoolSculpt on my back , they let me know that they... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck W Lipo on Flanks-Jan.2014 - Toronto, ON

Age: Just turned 40 in February Height: 5'8" ish Weight: Was about 220 lbs, now about 215 and dropping Waist: Was 37" pre-op Hips: Were 47" pre-op Breasts: 36G (43" around) pre-op **Also had a BR/BL at the same time w lipo on sides of breasts Motivation: To get rid of the stomach pooch that I had even way back when I was super skinny. All the women in my family have it and I could never get... READ MORE

Breast Reduction with Lift and Lipo on the Sides of Breasts - Toronto, Ontario

I have been large chested my whole life, and came into the financial means to get breast reduction with lift, tummy tuck and lipo (flanks (love handles), and sides of breasts). I chose to go to another province where I am from originally, in a bigger city where there was more choice for surgeons. I was not nervous at all about the surgery-I'm pretty good with that sort of thing. I am still on... READ MORE

Questions from Bragurl

Why am I not recovering very well after a tummy tuck, breast reduction and lipo?

I had a tummy tuck, lipo on the flanks, and a breast reduction w lipo on the sides almost 7 weeks ago. For the breasts-I started at a 36 or 38G and was to go down to a D cup. I... READ MORE

Why am I not seeing the reasonably expected results from my TT, lipo and BR with lift? (photo)

I had a TT, lipo (flanks & breast sides), & a breast red. with lift on Jan. 15. 7 weeks later, I am still wearing the same size bras as pre-surgery, and have not lost any... READ MORE

Why did my breasts not go down to the cup size I was looking for? (photo)

I had a BR w BL about 2 months ago. I started out at a 36G and was supposed to go to a D cup. The PS said that he took out over 330cc in each breast. I am currently still... READ MORE

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NO, I could have gotten more taken out with the lollipop-but I was having a TT and lipo at the same time, and altogether, he took out the maximum allowable...he wouldn't have been allowed to take out more than that. If I had known that... READ COMMENT

You went from a 38 H to a 36 DD (also known as E)? That's 3 cup sizes-that sounds pretty good to me! I went from a G to an F- only 1 cup size :(.....I had asked to go to a D-and every PS I've gotten a second opinion from has said that... READ COMMENT

Yeah, Dr.Hernandez is brutal...even though I was less than pleased with my PS in Toronto in terms of bedside manner and results, it wasn't anything like the way Dr. Hernandez treated me. He was a complete jerk. READ COMMENT

I was not happy with the PS I went to in Toronto at all-you can check out my profile and my stories on my surgery/s. His name is Dr. Martin Jugenburg and I was significantly less than pleased. READ COMMENT

True. except that I have been working out 4 times a week and am headed towards 2 sizes smaller, and then I'll be top heavy again. I just found out on Friday that I am severely deficient in both testosterone and progesterone, and have... READ COMMENT