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Scars - Sao Paulo, BR

I did two procedures with Fraxel dual to reduce a tattoo removal scar. It didn't help at all to blend the hypopigmentation nor to smooth out the texture of my skin. The doctor was great, but she didn't apply the laser but a physiotherapist. I believe it also worsened the hypertrophic appearance....... I've read a lot of reviews from doctors about treatments to improve hypopigmented raised... READ MORE

Expandable Balloon Surgery Deformed my Arm - Sao Paulo, BR

Last year I went to a doctor that was supposed to be an expert on scar treatment. When looking at my scar (a small one) that I've got after being bitten by a dog several years ago, he said the only possible treatment would be doing a surgery to iinsert a small expandable balloon, fill it in during 1 month and then do another surgery to reduce the scar and the result would be great. I trusted... READ MORE

Bad Results -Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hi, I did 10 Qyag laser sessions to remove a tattoo on my shoulder. After 1 year of the last procedure, my skin looks like it was burned and is raised. I'm afraid this will never get better. Is there any treatment for this? The clinic was a big one in Sao Paulo but I think the last session hasn't gone well Thanks, Johana The doctor suggested Fraxel to "enable my skin to create normal... READ MORE

Questions from joanas

How to Minimize the Scarring After Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment? (photo)

Dear doctors. I did 10 Qyag laser sessions to remove a tattoo on my shoulder. After 1 year of the last procedure, there's a scarring replacing the tattoo (the skin is flacid... READ MORE

Scar After Tissue Expander? (photo)

Dear doctors, 10 years ago I was bitten by a dog, what left me with a big scar in my arm. Last year, I did a surgery using a tissue expander (stayed with this balloon for 20... READ MORE

Hello Doctors. My Scar is More Raised After Fraxel Dual?

3 weeks ago I did my first Fraxel dual session to smooth out a scar I had due to a tattoo removal. It was like an imprinting with hypopigmentation of my old tattoo and a little... READ MORE

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Hi Kate. Did you have a scar after a tattoo removal with laser? How is the scar? And is it getting better? Good to know. READ COMMENT

Cuidado com esse Bernardo Hochman. Os resultados de cirurgias que vi são horrorosos. READ COMMENT

Yes, but didn't see any results... READ COMMENT

Yes, a I had scabbing...but I think it was according to the expectation READ COMMENT

On my shoulder READ COMMENT