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Breast Reduction and Lift - Franciscan Plastic Surgeons

I am 48 years old and for more than 10 years my breast has caused me pain and illness. I have PCOS and am a diabetic and have thyroid disease. With these health issues my weight was fluctuating drastically. I went from skinny to fat and in all that time my breast just kept growing and getting heavier. I went to a cardiologist because My doctor and I thought I was having heart problems. The... READ MORE

Questions from Rlroyal1

I Am 47 Year Old Diabetic, with GG Breast. My A1C is 6.9. I Want a Reduction. Is It Possible?

I want a breast reduction. I have a GG breast, am 5'8" and 195 lbs, am a type 2 diabetic with an A1C of 6.9. Can I get a reduction? What should my weight & A1C be at for an... READ MORE

I am now actively looking for a surgeon to give me a breast reduction. I need to find one who is experienced with diabetics?

I am a 48 year old diabetic on insulin with an A1C of 6.4 I want to do whatever is necessary to be healthy and have a beautiful outcome. I am a 36GG and would like to be a b or... READ MORE

Recovery: I want a breast reduction and want to know realistic recovery time? (photo)

I left a question before, but, without photos. I am a 48 year old diabetic on insulin with an A1C of 6.4. My diabetic doctor said I am good to go as far as she is concerned and... READ MORE

Oil & moisurizers and scar removal creams....(photo)

So many products to choose from. What can/should I use following my breast reduction and when can I start using them? I am 1 week out from my surgery. I itch, not the stitches,... READ MORE

Now that I am 3 wks out from my Breast Reduction, I'm researching Tummy Tucks. Is a Tummy Tuck as painful as a Breast Reduction?

As far as pain goes, is a tummy tuck as painful as breast reduction? I experienced a lot of pain after my 5+ hour reduction surgery. I want to know healing time also. I am 3... READ MORE

Will a Retin A help my dark spots & mild acne? I am on Spironolactone to help with the Hirsutism.

Excess facial hair, acne and skin discoloration. Will Retin A improve my appearance? Will insurance cover these type of treatments? READ MORE

Will Retin-A help with PCOS skin issues?

I have very mild acne,  dark spots and hirutism from PCOS, will Retin-A help? Does insurance cover it? I am taking Spironolactone to help with the facial hair.  READ MORE

What can I expect from Botox? I plan on having my forehead done. What can I do to make sure I get the most benefit? (photo)

I find that I have a pretty pronounced from in by brow/forehead especially between my eyes, will Botox tighten it up or just freeze the movement? I am hoping for a smooth... READ MORE

I was wondering if there is a surgery to reduce the size on my vaginal lips?

I have PCOS and my vaginal lips are bigger than they used to be. What can be done, what is the cost, does insurance cover this, what are the risk for my sexual health, how... READ MORE

What is the best scar treatment cream/oil for my breast reduction scars? (Photo)

I am using bio oil on my scars. I am 14 weeks post op from my breast reduction and lift. Is Platos or Malarose a better choice! I have never seen them, but, I keep seeing those... READ MORE

I will be starting Tretinoin 0.025%. What should I do to achieve the best benefit and results?

Do you know what is the best moisturizer and cleansers to use on my face that will help improve my appearance and the effects of the Tertinoin? I am okay looking strange as... READ MORE

Retin-A increases eye wrinkles? (Photo)

Hi, I started using Tretinoin 0.025% 10/15/14, 10 days ago and I have noticed more lines under my eyes and deeper. Please tell me should I stop using on the eye area, I use the... READ MORE

Recent comments from Rlroyal1

Not everyone seems to get what you're describing, but, I DID!! The electrical burst of pain or over stimulation in different areas, randomly in the breat and nipples, omg the nipples!!! Crazy feeling that's hard to explain. Mine lasted... READ COMMENT

I wish I hadn't waited do many years. I can't express how much pain and discomfort I had prior to my surgery READ COMMENT

I was a GG and am healthier since my reduction. I was in constant pain every single day because of my large breast. They didn't really cause me problems until I was around 35. Large breast take a toll on the body because of the weight.... READ COMMENT

Do your breast actually touch all the time? Hopefully we will both have easier and speedier recoveries than the initial reduction. When will you have yours? READ COMMENT