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The Date is Set! Lift, Implants, and Mini TT - Seattle, WA

I have set the appointment for Nov 22nd. I go in for the Pre Op apt in late Oct, early Nov... we are ironing out the date now. I feel like its important that my husband go with. I think that its only fair he have a vote in the type of implants I choose. Personally I think the firmness of the saline rocked, but who knows, maybe he will prefer the natural feeling of the silicone? Two of my... READ MORE

Questions from saggtostealth

Is There Any Doctor Performing the Scarless Breastlift Here in WA? (Photo)

I have seen Dr Horndeski's reviews and photos. This looks amazing. Even women with significant sagging seem to have impressive lift and pretty shape without the scars. I have... READ MORE

3 questions about my MM results. dimpling, encapsulation and hollow area (Photo)

1 see my pic, is the dimpling at the lipo site(upper ab)normal? Will it go away? 2 my right implant has been called "partially encapsulated" Ive been massaging aggressively... READ MORE

Should I see the same doctor for a 2nd correction (3rd surgery) or should I take the loss and find a new surgeon?

My right boob has shifted. It is leaning over the midline and the implant is easily felt along the cleavage. This was corrected once, but it seems I'll need the silk/skin there... READ MORE

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Im sorry i didnt see this. I honestly dont think he pulled it down but i just dont know... a perfect example of the detail thing i mentioned above ;-) READ COMMENT

Do post pics for me. I should have mentioned i dont think my lipo was worth it. I have dimples where i had fullness before. I dont know what smart lipo is & would love to see before & after. READ COMMENT

Not encapsulated Yay! Keep grinding the tennis ball into it, its working. Said dimpling may or may not need touchup. Im allowed to start yoga and see if toning solves it. The hollow area on boobs will continue to evolve with drop and... READ COMMENT

Thanks hotstuff ;-) im having a right implant is attatching to the pec muscle. Its got me a bit freiked. Dont want another surgery. Starting 3000mg of vit E dly plus intensive massage with a tennis ball 3xdy for 20 min ea.... READ COMMENT