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Tattoo Removal Benzo a Pyrene?

Hi I desperately want to get a fairly large black tattoo that I recently got on my forearm lasered. My worry,after researching it a lot is that many black inks are found to... READ MORE

Tattoo Ink Lymph Nodes?

Hi, i just wanted to know more about the ink getting mobilised to the nearby lymph nodes before I start laser treatment on tattoo that I hate. . Does that mean that the ink... READ MORE

Could Laser Tattoo Removal Affect Sperm in Any Way?

Hi I'm about to start laser tattoo removal in the next few weeks but am also trying for a baby around the same time. Im aware that it cannot be performed on pregnant women but... READ MORE

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Hey blackberry ! I haven't commented for ages but have seen your progress from the early stages and just wanted to say the cover up looks great ! I'm so pleased your journey is finally coming to an end. You've really turned your... READ COMMENT

Hey bb - I know you have some slight scarring but is there any chance you get treated with a pico sure just to try and get it that little bit more faded, with less risk of scarring before going for the cover up, so that you have more... READ COMMENT

Thanks for getting back to me fringe class - my tattoo is actually on my forearm and wrist and I would love to just get rid of it. I wouldn't want a red scar in the shape of the tattoo tho because that would be pointless - to be honest... READ COMMENT

Sorry * tatt* not rat ! Damn I phone !!! READ COMMENT

Hey mate, thanks so much for sharing your experience with irc...I done some research with thus a while back but kind of hut a dead end ( I live in uk) and couldn't find any real life testimonies even tho there were all these amazing... READ COMMENT