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Rhinoplasty Changed my Life - Montreal, QC

Hello, My Story… My name is Louis and I had Rhinoplasty in January 2013. That is the day my life changed forever. Let me start from the beginning. Since my late teens, I had always wanted to have a nose job to reduce the size of my hump. I wanted a straight nose. It wasn’t a big deal in my life… just something I wanted to do. Well, at the age of 34, I decided to take the plunge and get... READ MORE

Questions from Louster

What is the Success Rate of the Use of Spreader Grafts in Secondary Rhinoplasty?

What is the success rate of the use of spreader grafts in secondary rhinoplasty? What’s their long term success rate? What’s their reabsorption rate? When it does go bad, wha... READ MORE

Can the Narrowing of the Middle Third of my Nose Be Fixed? (photo)

I had a nose job 6 months ago to have a hump taken down. The middle right side of my nose now seems concaved. The left side also but much less. I have diminished breathing... READ MORE

Is an Onlay Graft Necessary when Spreader Grafts Are Placed in Thin Skinned Patient?

I expect that I will need spreader grafts placed after a primary rhinoplasty has left me with collapse of the middle vault and breathing issues. I think I am thin skinned. My... READ MORE

Ear Cartilage Use As a Spreader Grafts?

Questions specifically regarding ear cartilage used as spreader grafts. I have read some doctors say that ear cartilage does not make a good spreader grafts and others say it... READ MORE

Spreader Grafts Using Helix Ear Cartilage. Is It Possible? (photo)

Hello. I need spreader grafts in a revision rhino to correct a pinched middle third and breathing issues. My question is regarding the use of Helix cartilage for a spreader... READ MORE

Why Does my Septum Feel Very Weak After Rhinoplasty?

If I pinch my septum between both my index fingers and move my septum left and right, it feels very weak. I remember before my nose job, it was much more rigid. Why is this?... READ MORE

Is This a Saddle Nose Deformity?

I had rhinoplasty 8 months ago to have a hump taken down with an osteotomy. My bridge seems a little concaved. Even though there was nothing done to my tip, I believe I still... READ MORE

Septum feels as if it’s severed at the supra-tip point after rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had septoplasty in 02 and rhinoplasty in January 2013, (closed hump reduction with osteotomy. No tip work). Ever since the rhino, my tip feels incredibly weak and loose as if... READ MORE

Would MRI of my septum be beneficial?

I need a revision for mid vault collapse a week septum. Would a MRI of my septum be helpful to the revision PS? Is there any imaging that can be done that would help? Thank you... READ MORE

How wide is a spreader graft made from ear cartilage?

I know that septum cartilage is ideal for spreader grafts however I don't have septum cartilage left. I understand ear cartilage is thinner than the septum. How wide is a... READ MORE

Can your septum deviate after rhinoplasty if the septum was deviated before? If so, how long can it take to deviate?

I am almost 11 month post closed rhino. I had a deviated septum before my rhino. I'm scared it might deviate again. Is that possible? READ MORE

Does a 2mm wide spreader graft widen the nose by 2mm?

This may be a stupid question, but I would think that once a spreader graft is in place, the lateral cartilage would ride higher up on the septum/spreader graft, and that in... READ MORE

Longevity of spreader grafts made of ear cartilage?

I need spreader grafts and as I don't have enough septum cartilage, it will need to be made from ear cartilage. Is it realistic to think ear cartilage spreader grafts can last... READ MORE

Can one tell how much septum cartilage exits with an examination?

I may need a revision rhinoplasty to insert spreder grafts but I'm not sure if I have enough septal cartilage. Can a PS tell if there is enough septal cartilage through a... READ MORE

How much septal cartilage is harvested to create bilateral spreader grafts?

In general, how much septal cartilage will a surgeon need to excise to create 2 spreader grafts? READ MORE

Can open revision rhinoplasty change the shape of my tip simply because its an open procedure?

I need a revision to insert spreader grafts. My surgeon wants to use an open procedure. I like the way my tip looks now and I'm nervous that an open rhino can potentially... READ MORE

Can a mid vault pinching cause a nasal voice and post nasal drip?

I had rhinoplasty 14 months ago and now have mid vault pinching. Since my surgery, I have had problems breathing, a nasally voice and post nasal drip. Are all these problems... READ MORE

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I hope your doing well. Your in my thoughts. READ COMMENT

Thanks Zooster. Not sure i'll be going through with the surgery but at least i'll get the process started. Good luck with your consult with Boahene. Please let me know how it goes. Keep in touch. READ COMMENT

Hi Edith, How has your recovery gone? What surgeon did you use? Thanks READ COMMENT

I'm happy for your positive results. Please share pictures. READ COMMENT

Hi Nour, Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your feedback and your kind words. I must say that I am feeling a little better these days. I am enjoying my family and life again. Some days are better than others but all in all, I... READ COMMENT