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Hi Tim. Be careful. Low level stimulation to hair follicles is believed to stimulate hair growth. Don't believe the hype. READ COMMENT

It's very unusual to have large patches and not have the treatment last. I know some new hair growth may occur as dormant hair becomes active at different stages of of our lives, but this should be a very low percentage. It sounds... READ COMMENT

Almost all lasers can have some stubble present when the laser hair removal service is done. Sometimes towards the end of your sessions not shaving for weeks help determine where the hair is remaining, the color and thickness of the... READ COMMENT

I know this is way late but may help somone else. Always disucss any medication you may be taking prior to any laser treatment. Sun sensitive meds especially the roaccutate can casue severe burns. Test spots should always be done. ... READ COMMENT

Please keep in mind lasers don't burn people, It's the technician /Doctor using the laser that do this. I have not heard of Yag for pigmentation correction, IPL in my opinion is the best to remove dark spots. I am sorry to hear... READ COMMENT