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Asian Nose Bridge Too Low, Fixing Without Implants? (photo)

I have a typical Asian nose and my bridge is too low! Is there a way to heighten my nose bridge enough such that I'm able to wear my glasses properly without having them sit on... READ MORE

Lip Shorter On One Side, What To Do? (photo)

Hello, about 5-6 years ago my dentist pointed out to me that my lip is shorter on the right side. Since then, I've looked through baby photos but they all showed normal... READ MORE

Flat side profile. Can jaw surgery can fix the flat midface? (Photo)

I have a flat side profile - paranasal implants are possible, but I wanna know if autologous materials are available? I came across a korean PS clinic that does bone implants... READ MORE

Dark eye circles & sinus problems. How long would it take to see a reduction after surgery? (Photo)

I've had chronic allergic rhinitis for many years & my nose was always blocked 24/7. I had a radiofrequency turbinate reduction (Oct) & while it has lighten my eye circles, it... READ MORE