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Thermage: Post Imbalance of Facial Texture - New York

I did research on Thermage and since I've always had good skin (and never even been to a dermatologist), looked for skin rejuvenation and tightening treatments. Believe it, but I took the highest frequency of heat pulses to my face! The upside to this treatment was that my cheek/jaw line area were stimulated and look and feel more supple. (This takes about 3-6 months to show results.) I'm... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation & So Happy I Finally Got It Done!- New York, NY

I had a great experience! (SALINE below the muscle.) I used to be a small B cup, but after training 6-7x week (resistance cardio, muscular development, Muay Thai boxing) with clean eating for over 4 months, the fat melted off my body... I love my fit body, but my breast fat disappeared too & started looking like a 6 year old boy! I rarely am in swimwear, but I'll make sure to get spray... READ MORE

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I hate to say this, but the DR is a 3rd World Spanish speaking country. It's like that saying: You get what you pay for! I would have flown to Colombia for this type of procedure since medical tourism is far more reputable. You can... READ COMMENT

I totally know what you mean about the commitment to make the transformatiom and achieve a desired turbocharged size! THANK YOU as well about my recent additions lol I'll post more preop/post photos as they get settled. I'm definitely a... READ COMMENT

I'm into fitness as well and slightly scaled down in size from you, but I believe 425cc will be too big and will be an extreme hindrance to your fitness regimine. Your breasts will become wider and if you're av golfer, I can guarantee... READ COMMENT

You look fantastic and what an oddessy :) I keep asking myself why it took me so long as well! I had my surgery on 17 September 2013. I'm still anticipating going to the gym and getting back to my fitness routine. One of my girlfriends... READ COMMENT

I'm a Capricorn too LOL :) Thanks so much! I'm 5'-3", but my weight is around 125lbs since I have more muscle tone. I look like I would weigh more like training gave me more glute/thigh definition so the augementation... READ COMMENT