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Labia Minora Asymmetry?

I have an asymmetrical set of labia minora. One is twice the length of the other one; they are each 0.5cm and 1cm approximately. I have a couple of questions regarding this:... READ MORE

Acquired Labia Minora Growth?

This might be a rather bizarre question, but I'll have to ask nonetheless: can labia minora extend in length due to frequent clitoral stimulation? Or is the cause just natural,... READ MORE

Can my facial hair growth be due to hormonal changes caused by taking Isotretinoin for Acne?

I am a 20-year old female. It's been almost a year since I stopped taking isotretinoin for 7 months. I’m also using Differein gel, .3%. I noticed a significant amount of f... READ MORE

Can restoring hormonal balance get rid of excessive hair on female body?

I am a 20-year old female. I've noticed hair growth on my face, chest, abdomen, and arms over the past three months or so. I'm assuming that this is due to hormonal imbalance.... READ MORE