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Incognito Braces, Never Again - Kirkland, QC

I wanted hidden braces on the top because I smile a lot. Had them placed on the upper teeth, and regular outside braces on the bottom. After 3 weeks, Incognito braces are a pure disappointment. Cannot chew, swallow properly nor eat anything mildly solid. Horrible to floss because food gets stuck inside the braces. My speech is also greatly impaired. Swallowing at night is very difficult,... READ MORE

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The water pick will make a huge difference in the time you spend cleaning. Food is dislodged without effort. Furthermore, you will avoid ugly white spots around the braces which I saw on the internet can cause gum disease and permanent... READ COMMENT

Do not get discouraged, it will get better with time. For cleaning, I use the dental water pick, the floss, and the electric toothbrush. Very important to do it everyday to avoid plaques. To prevent ulcers, I use Ghishy Goo, far better... READ COMMENT

Did you get external braces? I am also a busy physician. Incognito did not work for me. Had them removed after 1month. External braces did a fabulous job after 17 months. Spectacular result. Happy i did get rid of those horrible... READ COMMENT

They were painful, could not swallow nor speech properly. Would drool at night on my pillow. Once the external braces were put on, no more problems. For cheek irritation, geeshee goo is fabulous. Could not have done without it for ... READ COMMENT

You are really amazing if you could tolerate those Incognito braces for 1 year. I had them removed after 1 month, and went for regular braces. Now upper teeth free of braces after 17 months, spectacular result without too much pain and... READ COMMENT