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I thinking of doing mine with Ur surgeon that was tthe total cost bet nice beautiful results ;) READ COMMENT

I have heard a lot of bad things of doctor cabral he even went to jail here in ny for doing surgery without licenced you can look it up in the internet. He was in the news and is also on YouTube just look for Dr hector cabral in jail... READ COMMENT

I have the almost the same nose you have before the surgery I would love to have the same results that you have you look fantastic gorgeous ;) . Can you please give Ur doctor information I thinking of doing my surgery with him READ COMMENT

Omg you look amazing I have been thinking if getting mines done I don't have that much money but the 4,700 is very reasonable for me . That was the total of what you paid for the surgery? READ COMMENT

Omg I just love how Ur nose looks ;) Ur very beautiful. Can you pleasee give me your surgeon name and info. I thinking about getting mines done . I really like the job you surgeon did in you. READ COMMENT