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2 Years Since my Brow Lift and Still Perfection...he is the Best - Austin, TX

I cannot remember the cost! I put $4,000 but it's been 2 years. I really don't remember but they would not let me leave it blank. I have had a few cosmetic surgery procedures, fighting aging and because I am a product reviewer but also worked as a senior physician recruiter, I'm very picky about my doctors, their training, and backgrounds. I don't just go to any doctor, but I find the one... READ MORE

LOVE MY Mini Ultimate Breast Lift (NO Scars!!!!) Dr. Gary Horndeski - Houston, TX

I am a product reviewer so when it came time to get my breast lift, I began researching extensively as I would prior to writing about or buying a product. Having worked as a Senior physician recruiter several years ago, I also research physicians and their backgrounds. And, on appointments, I ask extensive questions regarding procedures. I almost gave up on having this done due to the... READ MORE

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Newnose, as a former physician recruiter I worked with a heart doctor who developed a stint technique no one else was doing; they weren't trained how. i have seen other docs (one in FL) try to copy Hornedeski but they don't know how to... READ COMMENT

I don't judge doc or patient unless I know everything: I know if you choose to go braless right after this they won't take shape: You have to wait 1 month. I had a friend who blamed her doc for bad lipo when she ignored his adament... READ COMMENT

Love my lift from him. The whole point in the internal bra straps is that they hold everything in place whether you gain our lose weight. I had exceptional results and am ever so pleased personally! READ COMMENT

I went to dinner at the hotel buffet the day of my surgery--got out at 3:30 and felt that fine that evening! LOL I have a high pain tolerance though; I always have. I didn't stay in bed other than the first day. Still, I did follow... READ COMMENT