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Questions from BrightonSmiles

Can you wear an invisalign tray that has been molded for attachments but you have no attachments on your teeth?

The reason is that I will need refinements but want no attachments so want the new impression to be attachment free. I will need to wear my last tray until the new ones come. READ MORE

Should my teeth feel rough after removal of attachments?

My orthodontist drilled the attachments off and now my teeth feel abraded when I run my tongue over them. I'm worried this has seriously reduced my enamel protection? READ MORE

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Getting used to the 'buttons

I have buttons across all my front teeth so invisalign is not invisible for me. I have a job where I chair meetings and do presentations so I'm feeling very paranoid about my... READ MORE

My tips - attachments, hours of wearing, cleaning and results

This is what I found on my invisalign journey. I'm sure it's different for some.Attachments - a lot more visible than I expected. Was one on nearly every tooth. I actually... READ MORE

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One of my teeth cracked after invisalign. I can't be 100% it was down to the treatment but seems quite a coincidence. I had to havea crown which I paid for myself as I couldn't prove it was invisalign. READ COMMENT

I've been wearing retainers for 6 months and find them okay. It's just part of bed time putting them on. You obviously still need to clean them but after invisalign this isn't so bad. READ COMMENT

I found neat tea tree oil applied using a cotton bud gave instant relief to my sore. READ COMMENT

Had a slightly better day today. Smiled a bit more. Just feels so big in my mouth. I have wanted straight teeth for so long. Just got to be strong I guess. READ COMMENT

I feel like I talk funny. It was my first day at work with them in andI just don't know if I can do Iit. They are a lot more vivisible than I thought. It fefeels like everyone is looking at my teeth :( READ COMMENT