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Rhinoplasty - Can a Turned Down Nose and Tip Refinement Be Reversed (Back to They Way It Looked Before - Not Different)?

Hello! I am a 25 year old female who got Rhinoplasty done last October. I had an open nose surgery and it "had" to be broke - he then turned down my nose and refinement the tip... READ MORE

Can You Get Refund If You Didn't Get the Results You Wanted from Plastic Surgery?

I got an endoscopic eyebrow lift along with Rhinoplasty. My eyebrows look the exact same. And I dislike my tip from my nose job as he turned it down and refined it too much... READ MORE

Are Weird Headaches/head Pressure Abnormal 1 Year After Open Rhinoplasty? My Nose Had to Be Broke, Also.

I wasn't prone to a lot of headaches before Rhinoplasty. I know it takes a good year + for the nose to heal after Rhinoplasty. Could weird headaches and pressure be the cause?... READ MORE

Is a stuffy nose (often) 1 year, plus 3 months post Rhinoplasty normal?

I had my Rhinoplasty in Oct of 2012 - the swelling is almost all gone. The tip of my nose is still a little hard. I'm having issues breathing. Every 3-4 days I'll get stuffed... READ MORE