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Endoscopic Brow Lift / Mid-Facelift

Sept. 9th I had my 3rd procedure done w/ Dr. Brownstein & again an amazing outcome! I'm still pretty early in healing from this surgery, this type of procedure takes time to get to it's full effect.But for being alittle over 2 months in I can say WOW!! I had very saggy dropping eyelids, & my cheek bones were dropping from that youthful state to down south lol. but now thanx to Dr. B I look... READ MORE

Replacemant Of Older Implants/ New Implants Put in (Smaller Size) - Cherry Hill, NJ

I had a breast augmentation & mastopexy, (had older sailine implants removed) & new ones put in) I decided to get my implants removed that were done in 1999, I decided on going smaller in size, I was about 350 cc's I was 27 yrs old I'm now 41 yrs old & my reason for choosing smaller implants is I felt now at this point in my life where I'am at I would be more comfortable being smaller,... READ MORE

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Thanx so much I did an update I wanted to explaine more about the outcome and healing process for the community,(being 2 months and 1 week in from the 2 procedures) for anyone thinking of either of these procedures I I can... READ COMMENT

Hello BethH & thank you for your welcome & message & interest in my story, I did the replacement of the breast implants for 2 reasons I got older & started feeling they were way to big for me & embarrassed me in the work I do (real... READ COMMENT

Yes Dr. B is awesome, I agree & his staff. I have been going to him since I was 27yrs old, Iam now 41 I'am very happy for you & your outcome, you defintley had the best Dr. I know what you mean about dr B he makes it so much easier... READ COMMENT