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Breast Revision. Complete Disaster and Long Term Problems. - Roswell, GA

Dr Kolb removed my breast implants after saying they were ruptured. She removed lymph nodes, tissue, scraped ribs, reimplanted when agreed she would not if I had infection, and I have spent thousands trying to start to repair her botched work, plus I live w nerve pain daily. The worst day of my life is when I walked into her crystal laden office. READ MORE

silicone breast toxicity w breast implants - Beverly Hills, CA

I say it was not worth (not exactly sure what I paid in 90's) it because of my present situation. I had breast implants done sometime around 1996... Cannot say exactly because Dr. Leslie Stephens, in BH, who did the surgery miraculously lost my chart! I loved my breast implants and wish I had done the SALINE implants and had a better understanding of the risk! It is now Jan 2014 and I am... READ MORE

Botched Surgery Lower Eye Bags - Beverly Hills, CA

I had fat pads under my lower lids I went to Dr Lisa Casselith who did a botched job, and I was left w a disasterous situation. I have had to have a skin graft done, constant fillers to try and get the lid to close. I have abrasions on the cornea due to her horrible job she did and even admitted she did. She promised to take care of it but washed her hands at the last minute due to what she... READ MORE

repair previous botched job - Los Angeles, CA

After having a complete botched lower eye bag replacement surgery, Dr. Casselith finally sent me to Dr. Guy Massry to clean up her mess. He is the most caring, compassionate doctor, and he is patiently still working with me trying to save my vision. From my experience do not let anyone but a plastic surgeon specializing in the eyes touch your face. Dr. Massry is the go to repair doc for... READ MORE

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I can assure you you can gat mold from BOTH. They both leak some and you can gat fungus, mold, n staph from both. If you wish to see my lab report, the PICC line in my arm, and 4 weeks of antibiotics You can. Everyone w implants do... READ COMMENT

I had excellent boob job in 1995. I got very ill 2years ago and many doctors of every type could not pinpoint problem. All implants leak..usually after 8 years. I have already explained my situation. I do want to say the bacteria is... READ COMMENT

I have just had a 4 hour surgery w 5 enlarged lymph removed. Both Saline & Silicone have but have less silicone get into armpits, chest wall w saline. All I say read Dr KOLB book "the naked truth READ COMMENT

You can call Dr KOLB (Plastikos ) and speak w her directly. She thinks all implants have a small leak Really anyone that has implants should order her book THE NAKED TRUTH READ COMMENT

I had silicone and now have saline smooth by allergen . I had surgery on Friday, was a 4 hr surgery And Dr. KOLB said I have leakage for a long time. I had to have several enlarged lymph nodes removed. Swelling at base of sternum... READ COMMENT