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Gravity Strikes Again! Great Neck, NY

Im getting up there in age, but I still care about how I look. And this banding under the neck isn't pretty. And the whole jawline has lost its definition. I know we're suppose to age gracefully, but the truth of the matter no one does. Age can be hard to take on anyone. I have excepted my wrinkles, but that neck area I don't like at all. I tried to nab this thing in the butt when I was 48.... READ MORE

It's Time for a Breast Lift!! - with liposuction of bilateral sides, Back and Reversion of Abs!!!!Great Neck, New York

Ok this was a harder decision to make, because my breasts aren't huge but they do sag with my age. They're really uncomfortable actually I have hanging skin to the sides of each breast I was going to just have some liposuction done but the skin will still be there, so it just made more spence to have them lifted and reduced slightly. I just am a little more chicken these days with my age..61!... READ MORE

Tumesent Lipo- Great Neck, NY

I've exhausted all my attempts to be rid of this Post Meno weight, so I'm doing Tumescent Lipo on flanks, abs, & saddlebags, yes, let's call them what they are folks!!! I never had a problem w/ weight until I hit 50, my matabolism is at a snails pace!! I have always exercised & belong to a fitness club, I go 4-5 times a week. So underneath this lovely fat there's got to be some muscle hiding!!... READ MORE

Questions from Inspector Cruso 59

Pain in legs after Tumesant a Lipo. Any suggestions?

Pain in legs is intense from too much walking yesterday. From knees to calves. I had Tumescent a Lipo on abs, flanks and saddles, I am at 6 weeks post. Just seen my PS... READ MORE

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You still look great!!! But that Opossum, is too near your face...ouch!! Lol!! I just had another dose of filler today to turn my corners of my mouth up....not the easiest thing to do even after my lower FL 3 mo. ago. Last month I tried... READ COMMENT

I think you're going to be fine, the nerve WILL heal. I've been there with the Bells Palsy 15 Yrs. ago. The right side is just a tad off, I never noticed it, but one PS pointed it out to me about 7 yrs. ago when I did Fraxel laser. And... READ COMMENT

Your chin is beautiful, so happy for you. I had the eyelashes put on me once , they looked like caterpillars on my eyes, my lashes are blonde and I'm pretty fair complexioned. I had the hardest time getting them off, I think when I... READ COMMENT

You look beautiful!!! So feminine, your chin is perfection. You must be thrilled!!! I'm sure some cover stick can camouflage the redness on the chin. You must be very fair complexioned. I'm surprised it is as red in the front like that... READ COMMENT

Where it says: He took off. It was suppose to be: He took off $100.00 on the upper lip filler. Woweeeeee!! READ COMMENT