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Juvederm Lips Turned Up?

Hello - I had Juvederm injections in my lips yesterday. I have some bruising and swelling but I am not too concerned about that. However, I noticed that my lips look like they... READ MORE

Depressed over juvederm lip injections?

I got Juvederm on my lips on Monday and I went back to the dr. today (wednesday) to remove it. She insisted I wait the full 7 days. I don't look like myself any longer and I... READ MORE

Advice Desperately Needed! Juvederm Nightmare? (photo)

I got my Juvederm Monday and this is how my mouth looks open. My dr. insisted yesterday that it is normal and will go away in time. I am freaking out and do not know what to do... READ MORE

Having Hyaluronidase to Dissolve Juvederm Monday, Pointers?

I am going back on Monday after the full 7 days to have my doctor remove the areas I don't like. She never dissolved it from the lips but b/c she knows where exactly she... READ MORE

Had Hyaluronidase Today and Was Injected in Areas I Did Not Ask to be Injected?

Had the Hyaluronidase today to remove bumps and upward turn. I found out areas I did not ask to be injected were. The dissolver is working, but, now the center is HOLLOW. I... READ MORE

Juvederm - Please Tell Me If This Is Normal? (photo)

I had Juvederm done 2 weeks ago. Then had most of it removed b/c the injector I believe did a very poor job. I have to go back tomorrow to have the rest of the lumps removed... READ MORE

Retin A Micro - for wrinkles, acne & acne marks. Can I combine it with Argan Oil?

Hello, I have acne, some slight lines and some acne marks that I would like to treat with Retin A Micro Gel. I use it currently to spot treat and it works amazing b/c its super... READ MORE

Picked a white flesh colored clog & now have red indent - is this permanent?

I'm 35 years old. Unfortunately been picking my face my whole life. Usually After I pick I let it dry up and it scabs a few times & then I get PIH that eventually goes away.... READ MORE

I had a Fraxel Spot Test done yesterday on a dark sunspot. I have a really really dark black scab now. Is this normal? Also...

If the skin looks good once scab comes off, is this a good indicator that my other spots will have same result? I'm just concerned about PIH after. So if this spot doesn't have... READ MORE

These sunspots are making me horribly depressed, how can I successfully remove them? (photos)

I used hydroquinone & retin a for 3 days and it made the spots worse and Turned them a brown/red. The red spot I had fraxel done on. It got rid of spot but it's still red 5... READ MORE

My stitches do not look like they are healing properly... Help! (photos)

I had a growth removed from my bikini area 7 days ago. I understand I'm very far from healing but this does not look right to me at all! Some of stitches still in but some fell... READ MORE

Had IPL test spot done on sunspot. Spot looks same. Will I see results 2nd treatment?

If I ask derm to turn up the setting what would be safe? 1 setting up? I feel more comfortable being in control of setting. I'm only doing the actual spots not whole face. READ MORE

Had test spot done with Alex laser 2 1/2 weeks ago. It looks like pigment came to surface but it did not slough off.

Is this normal and will 2nd treatment get rid of it? It was done with Gentlemax laser on Alex setting. READ MORE

What can I use to help accelerate flaking of brown spots after IPL?

I had 2 very large sunspots zapped on Wednesday night and they turned deep brown. Its slightly broken up and skin looks nice underneath. It's looks like it's supposed to but I... READ MORE

How can I get rid of these very stubborn sunspots? Looking for dr. In NY (Photo)

I had 2-3 photofacials done only on spots. Although the spots have lightened spots the last photofacial burned me and left me with PIH which is fading. Conservative settings... READ MORE

What laser would be best for these stubborn sun spots? (Photos)

I already had 2-3 spot treatments with the candela Alex setting laser. Although it lightened on the last treatment when it was raised one level it burned me as you can see the... READ MORE

New dermatologist believes I will have good with results with lots of sessions at low settings. Is this true? (Photo)

I received 2-3 treatments on individual sunspots with Alex setting on candela Gentlemax. They lightened the first round but not much on 2nd round. On 3rd round PA bumped the it... READ MORE

Can PIH from a laser burn (Alex) be removed with low energy laser?

I got nice results from the Alex setting laser the first time on low settings. On the third treatment I received some burns which resulted in PIH. I only spot treat my sunspots... READ MORE

Hydroquinone 4% causes angry red spots if used daily. Does continued use make it go away?

I try to use it every other night. I use vitamin c in am and nights I don't use hydroquinone. If I stop the hydroquinone the irritation goes away. Does the irritation from the... READ MORE

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Need Doctor in NY Area with Expertise in Juvederm Removal?

Hello - I need an experienced doctor to help me remove my Juvederm. I am so dissatisified wih the results an my current dr. informed me she has never done this procedure. Are... READ MORE