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Rhinoplasty Help & Advice. Open or Closed What Gives Best Results?

When searching for a highly educated rhinoplasty Dr. in Toronto Canada is there a site to find only the best rhinoplasty surgeons in my surrounding area such as Toronto's top 3... READ MORE

Nose Job Open or Closed Techinque?

When having a nose job is 4mm a lot and will I notice a huge big change or just a little. In terms of open & closed nose jobs can a Dr. give same results or does open give... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to See Before / After Photos?

Hi Drs. If I have seen a Rhinoplasty dr and I have not received the computer imagery before & after photos and its been more then two weeks should I be concerned ? I feel... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Describe to Your Dr How You Want Your Nose to Look?

Hi What is the best way to really make your Rhinoplasty surgeon understand how you want your nose to look like.#2 I found one of the best Rhinoplasty surgeons in Canada but his... READ MORE

Nose Job & Doing to Much Can Cause You Future Damage?

I was watching a Youtube Video and the dr said the more aggressive a Dr is with a nose job the more damage you cause in the future . What exactly does this mean>? READ MORE

What is the Future of Nose Jobs?

What is the future of nose jobs ? Are there any news ways other then open / closed surgery to make noses smaller ? READ MORE

Nose Job -alar Base Operation to Make the Nostrils Smaller -less Wider .

I have bigger nostrils so my Dr is performing alar base surgery as well as a nose job. How bad will the scaring be for alar base surgery ? Because there will be scars will... READ MORE

What Will the Scar Look Like on a Alar Flare Reduction of 1mm to Each Side of Nose to Make Nostrils Not So Wide?

Alar flare 1 mm ! I need a reduction of 1mm for each nostril because when they take my nose back it may make my nostrils look to wide. I'm wondering if the scar will be big and... READ MORE

New Fat melting injection called ATX-101.. Will this be the future of nose jobs ?

New Fat melting injection called ATX-101.. Will this be the future of nose jobs ? Also what other technics willing me coming out for future advancements for nose jobs in the... READ MORE

Why do some nose jobs look off at the tip in photos or in person? Do male nose jobs look more natural then females?

Why do some nose jobs look off when a photo is taken or in plain sight at the tip? Do male nose jobs look less plastic surgery then females? How does a male get a natural... READ MORE

Will changing the tip make the nose look unnatural or fake?

Will changing the tip of a nose make the nose look plastic surgery done. Some patients complain of uneven nostrils after surgery why are they uneven? How hard is it to keep the... READ MORE

What advancements & tools have been made in the past 5 years for rhinoplasty to achieve better results and a natural nose?

Advancements & tools made in the past 5 years for rhinoplasty to achieve better results - & a natural nose .I'm interested in finding out about new tools& camera's to help Dr's... READ MORE

New rhinoplasty tool released 6 days ago.I found the following information on

Hello surgeons.. while searching I found a video saying new rhinoplasty tool that was released 6 days ago. Is this information correct has a new tool been released... READ MORE

Who is the #1 Top Rhinoplasty Doctor in Canada? Based on Skill-education/experience

I want to know who is ranked Top Rhinoplasty Doctor in all of Canada for experience/awards/skillset & achievements. Not based on advertisement but the best.This question has... READ MORE

Can you please recommend Canada's top rhinoplasty doctors? Who are the top 3 doctors in all of Canada?

Canada's top rhinoplasty doctor. Please post 2 or 3 names of the top doctors based on experience and results. Your help is appreciated. READ MORE

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Choosing A rhinoplasty Dr in Toronto or Newmarket locations

Hi guys & girls I'm interested in finding a very well recommended rhinoplasty dr in Newmarket or Toronto. I'm not sure if I want to do open or closed but I do feel the... READ MORE

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Your nose looks excellent, Great Job. READ COMMENT

I love these honest doctors. Great advice & nice to hear that other doctors care about there profession. You can't teach excellent work you are born this way. The world is changing & I believe consumers rating companies or surgeon's... READ COMMENT

Hey Kitty, Sorry for the very late reply. I never new you wrote back because does not notify a person when they have a new msg ...I have not decided I figure I've waited my entire life what's a little more.Also I keep... READ COMMENT