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In So Much Pain!!! From Juvederm Injection

I had Juvederm injected in the top left part of nose. I had no redness or swelling I had a small bruise on the left side of nose after injection. On the 20th of July about a week after injection my eyes started to feel a slight burning sensation and was a little sensitive to light but it went away. I had no pain again until about a week after that. My eyes started burning so bad this horrible... READ MORE


So I had surgery fri morning, I had a pretty tough nose, my doctor said after surgery:| ...I decided to have nose surgery due to an assault 10 yrs ago I was hit in the nose by an abusive boyfriend I had out of high school, my nose never looked the same after that, I had to go to the hospital and yep of course it was broken they never set it back in place at the hospital, sent me home with pain... READ MORE

Questions from Brendaxoxo

Sloped or Straight Nose Profile?

I'm having septo/rhinoplasty next month and still haven't decided what would be best for me..I'm 5'2 petite 31yr old and I believe I read that for shorter women a slight slope... READ MORE

Side effects of Juvederm and the statistics that go with the side effects.

Juvederm injections in facial regions such as under eyes, nose etc. Would eye problems associated with Juvederm in injection areas happen right away or could it be delayed... READ MORE

Could Juvederm injections in the nose could cause eye inflammation along with dry eyes that burn? Also tingling on nose present.

Hi I'm wondering if Juvederm injections on bridge of nose could possibly cause eye inflammation? Other symptoms along with inflammation are dry eyes and some burning pain... READ MORE

Juvederm non surgical on bridge of nose. Could it cause inflammation of eyes (both eyes) dry eyes, burning sensation? (Photo)

Non surgical nose job on bridge of nose side effects of this procedure could it cause inflammation to eyes, dry eyes with a burning sensation? Tingling on nose that radiates to... READ MORE

Follow-Up: Juvederm injection in nose, possible complications other than necrosis or blindness? (photo)

I had Juvederm injected in the top left part of bridge. On July 13 I only had a small bruise in the area that lasted longer than normal I believe. I had lil to no swelling or... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job with Juvederm. Can you get nerve damage?

Being injected with Juvederm on the upper right bridge of nose could cause nerve damage that effects the eyes with a burning sensation or cheek and middle forehead area? Could... READ MORE

I need a very very experienced doctor to dissolve Juvederm in nose located in southern CA?

I had Juvederm ultra in nose injected about a month ago and have been experiencing burning sensation in eyes for the last 2 weeks. I want it dissolved I'm praying it will... READ MORE

Could a nerve get hit during a non surgical nose job with Juvederm? (Photo)

Can a nerve get hit in the nose that could cause inflammation/dry eyes that cause a burning sensation and eyelid droop? What nerve could of been affected to cause this? And how... READ MORE

Can Juvederm for a non-surgical nose job migrate to the eye area but not cause blindness but other symptoms?

Such as dry eyes and burning sensation and if so will it subside when it breakdowns or could it cause permanent damage. Could is also cause blindness, and both eyes to... READ MORE

Can Juvederm fillers block melbomian glands?

Can Juvederm block melbomian glands if place on nose bridge, tear troughs, glabella or any other facial region near the eye? Could it be possible for it to migrate to the... READ MORE

Fillers and dry eyes, is there a connection?

I've been reading and reading on here and have found a few doctors whom say fillers can cause dry eye..well I've found 2 whom have said it in question and answer section of... READ MORE

I have burning eyes after Juvederm, is this a concern? (Photo)

I have constant burning in eyes a few days after injection to bridge of nose what's causing this my nose is not swollen nor did it hurt after injection just a small bruise READ MORE

I was told Juvederm can migrate from nose area and disperse, is this true?

I was told Juvederm can migrate from nose area and disperse.. which could be causing both my eyes to burn and be dry? And a dermatologist cosmetic surgeon told me this. Is that... READ MORE

Juvederm injections in nasal region: what are the negative side effects?

Listed on the Juvederm website it states "vision disturbances" what else besides blindness would be vision disturbances.. doesn't say blindness just disturbances what does that... READ MORE

Does Juvederm show up on an MRI?

Why yes mine did Can't wait to get this crap out of my nose thank goodness I had my MRI done so I can dissolve it!!! Great techs at the MRI place READ MORE

Will the swelling go away once the Juvederm has dissolved?

When the Juvederm is dissolved will swelling in nose go way. My nose has swelling in the mornings READ MORE

Can you inject hylenex in upper eyelids?

Would it be safe to inject hylenex in upper lids and lower tear trough area if suspected migration of Juvederm filler READ MORE

Recent comments from Brendaxoxo

I hope it goes away soon!! Its debilitating I was put on ilevro eye drops now I'm on a steroid eye drop. READ COMMENT

No not behind eyes or else where I just have tingling in my face that does radiate. The tissue around my eyes on the inside are swollen. But I did think of the nerve injury too but I'm not ruling that out yet READ COMMENT

Snoopy pls msg me I'm having burning in eyes too!! Doctors say I have dry eyes READ COMMENT

Are you still on here Katie? Please give me an update I msged you READ COMMENT

Your nose looks beautiful I have to have a cyst on my thyroid that has some atypical cells I might have to have it removed also :( gonna have nuclear med to see if my doc wants to remove it..glad your healing great and happy to hear... READ COMMENT