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How long from start ( family Dr consult to surgeon visit to op ) did the process take? We are in Calgary and my gf went in to her family GP only to be told going from a G to a small C was going to result in a 2 year wait list. I know... READ COMMENT

Awesome to hear things have started to work out for you. Has your derma finally raised your dose? Tane will never keep you %100 clear. You have to remember, its shrinking your glands, not killing them off. I have been off Tane for about... READ COMMENT

I am very surprised by the lack of results by on the same side.. not surprised as well if that makes any sense. I think the biggest factor against you right now is the low dose your taking. I understand 40mg's is a good starter month.... READ COMMENT

PS: As for the nosebleeds.. I got those too. There's one sure fire remedy and its going to sound terrible. And it is terrible,, but it works. This is where that product I recommended comes in called Aquaphor by a company called Eucerin.... READ COMMENT

It really is having the reverse effect but not in the way you think it is. Your purging ... well.. the medication is purging you. As the meds kick in, its squeezing your sebaceous glands and shrinking them. Its also drawing ance to the... READ COMMENT