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Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck with Baez! - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm on my way to getting a new shape! I've recently made my final decision to go with DR Baez because I like how she is overall. She's very understanding and kind. She's cares about your health and overall well being. She takes time to answer all emails daily unlike some other doctors. I cannot wait!!!! If any ladies can advise me on things I need I want to prepare now lol thanks ladies in advance READ MORE

Going to Baez this year!!!!!!

Hello RS ppl! I'm 25 5'1 I weigh 125lbs after gaining weight and having children I want my shape back but more enhanced (bigger butt). I've been doing research for some time and cannot decide on a doctor! I'm looking for a doctor that gives natural curves in DR but not too much n unrealistic looking I've been in constant contact with Dr.Baez she is so reassuring and responds to every last... READ MORE

Questions from Dominican_luvly

How Am I Supposed to Sleep After Having Tummy Tuck and Bbl Done at the Same Time?

I'm having tummy tuck and bbl done but I'm trying to figure out how I'm supposed to sleep or relax if I can't lay on my back nor my stomach? READ MORE

Does Getting a BBL and Tummy Tuck at the Same Time Limit the Amount of Fat to Be Transferred to Butt?

I want to have both procedures done but I've seen on a few reviews that if you have them done at the same time you are limited in the amount of fat that can be transferred to... READ MORE

Does Getting a Bbl with TT Compromise the Results of the Bbl? (photo)

I was told for the best results I need to combine the two procedures (brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck but I don't want to combine procedures if one may compromise the... READ MORE

If I Get Bbl and TT Combined Which Procedure is Done First So That the Results of Bbl Aren't Compromised?

I was told by surgeon I need to do both together to get good results and my concern is being on my butt at anytime after the fat is transferred. Even if during surgery I'd have... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Placing Fat in Lateral Butt Opposed to on the Hips?

Is there a different look? Which one gives a more natural look? Will 1100 ccs give a dramatic noticible difference to butt/hips? READ MORE

Does Omitting Hip Injections From BBL Give A More Natural Shape And Look?

I want to get a BBL done but I want a more natural looking silhouette with a bigger butt. Should I tell the doctor not to transfer fat to hips? I see a lot of women who do it... READ MORE

Is it good to use lipo board and foam under garment post lipo/ TT?

I hear people saying that they use lipofoam and a abdominal board under the garment post surgery what is the purpose of this and is it effective? READ MORE

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All the way from Germany 2 c Baez! She must be good! lol girl let me tell you I see what your talking about but most of her patients results aren't immediately recognizable but with time I will say they look beautiful usually once they... READ COMMENT

Reading this assures me I'll get the results I want. I was skeptical at first because she wasn't going over 1000ccs and now she's giving more! Can't wait to see pics. Happy healing :) READ COMMENT

When is ur dates? Mine is feb 8th READ COMMENT

I changed my date to the 8th btw so I'll get there on the 7th. What are you having done? READ COMMENT