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Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Brazillian Butt Lift, Lipo, with Dra Cardenas in Tijuana Mex

30 years old, four children, 195 lbs I was looking to have a mommy makeover done, that's ti include my breast, but she won't do all at once for health precautions... First few days I was so happy with my results, now I am 8 weeks post op, and yes my lower abdomen is s flat as it can be, but I started showing a bump on my upper abdomen, and not o mention my butt, I had 900ccs of fat... READ MORE

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Hey girl...just wondering how you doing? And if your incision got any better? I'm a year post-op and once in a while a lil hole opens up draining white stuff not smelly or anything but still weird.....!!! And those bumps are atill... READ COMMENT

Well Idk what it was at this point! LOL yup it feels ropey exactly that's the best description like a twizzler under the skin!!! Haha and well I guess I'm half way there to the year po I'm exactly 6 months po. READ COMMENT

Hey how you doing? I had something similar as you, at this point Idk if it was necrosis or reaction to the stiches! And well I didn't go back to see Dr C pero she sent me the sufrexal cream, como a todas! Anyways what helped me a lot... READ COMMENT

Well they look very similar to this pics above, my back incision looks good lighter, and thin, front from hip to hip needs to be re done it is bumpy,and thicker, from the necrosis, o don't mind it though, except for the bumps. Dr.C is... READ COMMENT

Best wishes to will be fine, trust me, I went through the same it is a long recovery, but well worth it after all. This is not a reason for anyone to get scared away by your comments, its reality here in the US, Mexico or any... READ COMMENT