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Can I Still Get a Chin Augmentation W/ Implant Even Though I Have over Bite?

Will I still be eligible to get chin augmentation even though I have an overbite?Also does chin surgery envolve alot of bleeding during the surgery? READ MORE

Do Patients That Are Considering Getting Cosmetic Surgery Get Their Blood Drawn for Lab Results?

Do patients that are considering getting cosmetic surgery get their blood drawn for lab results by the plastic surgeon before the surgery?Also what other tests do plastic... READ MORE

Can a Person W/ Hepatitis B Still Be Eligible for Cosmetic Surgery?

Can a person w/ Hepatitis B still be eligible for a chin implant procedure?Also what do cosmetic surgeons look for in blood test from patients? READ MORE

Can Chin Implants Increase a Chins Vertical Height??

Can a chin implant increase vertical height on a persons chin (from lower lip border line to the bottom of chin)?Also how do you accomplish this? READ MORE

Can Chin Implants Increase a Chins Vertical Height?

Can chin implants increase a chins vertical height and also what type of implants can accomplish this? READ MORE

What Type of Chin Implants Improve Vertical Projection on Chin?

What type of chin implants improve vertical projection on chin? READ MORE

Can chin augmentation be done using local anesthesia alone?

Also what are the benefits of using local anesthesia alone? READ MORE

What type of chin implants can used to add volume on lower face?

What type of chin implants increase volume on lower face by adding volume to projection,width and height of the chin all at the same time?All answers are appreciated,thank you!!! READ MORE

How do cosmetic surgeons obtain medical background from their patients?

Do cosmetic surgeons get medical information about a patient thru the patients medical provider before getting a procedure done?How do cosmetic surgeons really obtain legit... READ MORE

Do candidates for cosmetic surgery still have to take blood test and exams before undergoing a cosmetic surgery?

Do patients of a cosmetic surgeon still have to do blood exams and medical screening test even though their elected cosmetic procedure they will be undergoing will be done... READ MORE

How do cosmetic surgeons get medical history from their patients?

How do costmetic surgeons get a legit medical history of a patient before their procedure? READ MORE

How long do stitches stay on for chin augmentation patients?

How long do stitches stay on before their tookin off after a chin augmentation procedure? READ MORE

Why do plastic surgeons prescribe Penicillin or antibiotic before and after a cosmetic procedure?

Also what will happen if a patient refuses to take it?Will things get worse for the patient? READ MORE

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Looks good man!Can you post a pre- op front view of your face so we know how much improvement it made in that angle? READ COMMENT

Looks good!Definitely worth it!Can you post another before picture of yourself this time we need your frontal view from before,so we can see the improvement from that view? READ COMMENT

Hi! Did you get any sedation along with the local anesthesia or was the procedure done with local anesthesia alone?I hope things turnout perfect for you READ COMMENT

Yes after my consultation a few weeks I'm planning to schedule the chin augmentation procedure for sometime next month,so excited for the outcome after viewing your awesome result ! READ COMMENT

Very positive improvements shown on your after photos!Did you under the chin surgery using just Local Anesthesia alone?Did it hurt during the Procedure? READ COMMENT