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Juvederm in Lips - Worse Mistake of My Life! - Thornhill, ON

I was injected with juvederm in early May, things did not go well for the first few days but the swelling and peelins skin etc all subsided in a few days. Suddenly about a month and a half later I woke up one morning with my top lip swollen so badly I thought it would burst. It was painful and tender to touch, very hard and lumpy and thick. Family doc treated me with oral steroids... READ MORE

Questions from Koremins

Horizontal Line Under my Nose After Lip Filler? (photo)

I had lip filler injected, since then everytime I smile I get a deep horizontal line above my upper lip, underneath my nose. It's very noticeable and did not happen before. I... READ MORE

Botox Left Lines Above my Eyebrows? (photo)

I had botox injected to the frown area between my eyebrows, around the crow's feet and in my forehead. The Dr. said he could not inject above my eyebrows because it would cause... READ MORE

Horizontal Line Above Lip After Juvederm Injection?

I had Juvederm injected into my lips, now when I smile I get a horizontal line above my upper lip, is there anything that can be done to correct this? The doc injected botox... READ MORE

I've Taken the Dr's Suggestions About Botox, Now What? (photo)

I had the spock look lines above my eyebrows after botox to the forehead. I went and got 1 unit of botox above each eyebrow, and now I have the dropped eyebrow, which was my... READ MORE

Sudden Lip Swelling More Than a Month After Juvederm Injection? (photo)

In May I had Juvederm injected into my lips. There was some initial swelling, which subsided in a few days. Since then I've had no swelling or pain. Now, more than a month... READ MORE

Juverderm - Lip Granuloma? (photo)

I posted a while back about sudden lip swelling a month after lip injection. I have a second episode of this. I saw a dermatologist and he says it looks to him like granuloma,... READ MORE

Loose sagging skin on upper back and bra line area after 170 lb weight loss - Toronto Doctors?

Does anyone know if there is a doctor in Toronto, Canada that does a plastic surgery to remove loose sagging skin from the upper back and bra line area? I can't seem to find... READ MORE

Massive swelling following medial thigh lift??

I had a thigh lift 2.5 weeks ago. My legs are massively swollen. I keep my legs elevated, still wearing the compression garment, taking Celebrex, and a herbal supplement for... READ MORE

Why is swelling after medial thigh lift different for every individual?

I have read reports online of some people who had no swelling at all after a thigh lift and stories of other people who have had massive swelling afterwards. What causes or... READ MORE

Thigh Lift - is Numbness Normal?

I am 4 weeks post op from an inner thigh lift, this morning I woke up and one side is numb, starting at the groin incision and moving downward to the knee. Is this normal? This... READ MORE

Nausea following surgery - is it the Anesthesia, or the pain killers ???

I've had various surgeries, some I had nausea and some no nausea, why? One surgeon told me that it was from the type of anesthesic used, another said it's unavoidable, another... READ MORE

I still have tightness and decreased range of motion 7 weeks post Thigh Lift with Liposuction. Should I be concerned?

Still can't fully bend my knees, & I have intermittent episodes of numbness, plus still have a lot of swelling in one leg? I am trying to be patient with my recovery and I... READ MORE

9 Months later and the line has shown no signs of disappearing, now what? (Photo)

I posted 9 months ago about a horizontal line above my upper lip, underneath my nose, following lip injections of juverderm. I have tried to wait it out hoping this would... READ MORE

Can breasts with 8 yr old implants be lifted without replacing the implants?

Can breasts with 8 yr old implants be lifted without replacing the implants? The implants have sagged and not high, or firm the way they were initially. A doctor has said they... READ MORE

Anyway to make Dysport wear off faster?

I had a tiny amount of dysport injected into each side of my upper lip to get rid of a small line....I did not realize the effect it would have.....it's been 2 wks now and food... READ MORE

Severe, intermittent pain following thigh lift revision, what could be causing this? I'm really frustrated and need a solution.

Inner thigh lift 1 yr ago, 7 wks ago had a revision for excess skin at knee area. Recovered fine, but about 3 wks ago started having intermittent episodes of sudden onset... READ MORE

Are "units" of Botox/Dysport marked on the syringe? Is it possible that they could inject more than what they thought they had?

Injector says she injected 1.5 units of dysport on each side of my upper lip, now food/liquid is falling out of my mouth, I have very little chewing motion. cannot use my upper... READ MORE

How is Hematoma after Brachioplasty typically treated?

I had brachioplasty done on both arms 6 weeks ago, recently discovered a lump under the incision about the size of a quarter, ultrasound says it's likely hematoma...I will see... READ MORE

What would you recommend to the lower face?

Each side of my chin looks awful, can this be addressed with filler or botox/dysport? I have had various types of injections before, but no one has ever addressed this lower... READ MORE

Is a Facelift required or can this be improved with injectables? (photos)

See attached pic, hate my lower face area, looks puffy in some areas, and dimply in other areas, saggy? I don't like the area to the left and right of my chin, also don't like... READ MORE

Which fillers are best for the temple area and the cheeks?

To replace volume loss in the temple area and cheeks what specific fillers would you recommend? READ MORE

What are ELITE credentials?

I have seen various doctors on this site suggest finding a doctor with ELITE credentials for certain types of plastic surgery...and I think it's a great idea, but I don't know... READ MORE

Recent comments from Koremins

I have had this same problem after Juvederm injections into the lips. Every couple of months I wake up in the morning and my lips and surrounding mouth is severely swollen and lasts for a few days. My GP prescribed predinsone for the... READ COMMENT

All I can say is don't do it. Remember one thing, anyone who has something to gain from you getting injected with juvederm will never tell you the negative stuff....manufacturers of the product, injectors, promoters, etc. I have had a... READ COMMENT

I too have been having these unexplained, sudden delayed onset of massive swelling in my lip that lasts for about a week and has to be treated with prednisone. Two episodes so far, and I was injected with Juvederm in April. I have no... READ COMMENT

I had juvederm injected into my lips in April and I have been having serious ongoing problems with it. Since April I have had two episodes of waking up in the morning with my upper lip swollen so badly it feels as if it's going to... READ COMMENT

Possibly, I never made the connection before, but I have had bad problems to juvederm and I have taken antibiotics at the time so I don't know if they're connected or not. READ COMMENT