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Should Extra Volume Still Be There 5 Days After Injections?

I had 2 treatments of sculptra (1 vial each treatment). After 1st treatment very little difference. 6 wks later had 2nd treatment. Now 5 days later the extra volume has not... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Swelling and Redness from Radiesse in the Hand to Go Down?

How long does it take swelling and redness from radiesse in the hand to go down? I just got it done 2 days ago and both, but particularly my left hand is red and looks swollen... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Sagging and Loss of Elasticity of Underarms?

Is there some nonsurgical way, like by lasers to get rid of underarm sagging, caused by loss of elasticity (I’m a middle aged woman)? I do Not want the surgery and scar. I... READ MORE

About Sculptra and Swelling in Cheeks?

Just went for my 3rd sculptra treatment. Said only wanted right cheek more prominent to even out with left side and lift around temples. He put injections all around face.... READ MORE

Should you see results from Thermage CPT at 2 months? or when?

I had Thermage CPT done about 2 months ago and don't notice anything. When should I start seeing noticeable results? What is your experience with this procedure? READ MORE

Fraxel Restore side effects - How to get rid of them quickly?

I had Fraxel Restore done 15 days ago. I still have some pinkness in the middle of my face, and a lot of bronzing. A little bronzing came off in patches but then stoppedd. How... READ MORE

Picosure Focus and ability to tan?

Can you evenly tan after a picosure facial (the focus lens)? I don't mean right away, but say a few months later? or does it permanently disrupt the melanin in those areas? READ MORE

Picosure focus and pigmentation: What's wrong? Is this normal?

Hope someone will answer this. I got a picosure focus done for pigmentation on my face a couple of weeks ago. It all started fine, was red for just an hour and completely... READ MORE

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Chemical peels for Eyes in NYC

Does anyone have any recommendations of people who will do chemical peels on your eyes in the NYC area. Also, hopefully, someone who is good at doing chemical peels and does... READ MORE