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Thank you, Sandchic. Sorry you are experiencing the same thing, but good to know someone else is speaking out. Good luck! READ COMMENT

Even if you follow the instructions of massaging after injections, the bumps will still appear and continue to grow. Surgery is the only option and it leaves scars, not to mention that the Doctor cannot get all of the Sculptra out if it... READ COMMENT

I you want bumps instead of circles, then scuptra is the way to go. Otherwise, look for something else besides Sculptra. It is horrible! READ COMMENT

I used Sculptra in my cheeks and loved the results. However, I opted to have some injected into my forehead and now I have 3 noticeable bumps that won't go away. I've had 3 rounds of saline injections to try and disolve them, but it... READ COMMENT