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Mini (MACS) Facelift in office under local: descriptions, experience

Issues: 40 years old, slightly sagging jowls, naso-labial, marionette. Have been doing Resty filler in tear-troughs and on cheeks for two years (every 5 months). Up to 2 syringes. Research: I think that it is a bit difficult to talk about a procedure because the terms mean different things... READ MORE

Lower Lid Pinch Review - Fort Lauderdale, FL

1. Done under local anesthesia, which brings the cost down but also means that you hear everything: the skin cutting, the cauterizing. It takes about one hour per eye. 2. My surgeon also relocated fat pads; it makes sense to do this at the same time, and is a straight-forward cut and tuck. ... READ MORE

Restylane Silk for Smokers Lips / Prune Lips / Upper Lip - Coral Gables, FL

Day 2 Vertical upper-lip lines are a family curse: I don't smoke, but I grew up in a smoking household with prune-lipped mother and grandmother. I'm probably hyper-sensitive to those vertical lip-lines, having been paranoid about them since I was twelve. Over the years I've been getting botox... READ MORE

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Day 4-ish: Monday, the first day back to work after Friday's upper lip resty silk injection: All looks normal, not obvious that my upper lip has fillers in it. The area above my upper lip, where the smokers lines were, is smooth,... READ COMMENT

What products do you get? What sorts of pricing? Thanks for your review, Miami has so many practitioners it's difficult to narrow down a doc. READ COMMENT

:) no earplugs/music allowed. you gotta be communicative with the doc. hooooeee, fun times. READ COMMENT

You're welcome. The trade-off in saving so much money (50%) by not going under general anaesthetic is not without a psychological cost. :) I hope to have articulated what it's like, so that we can make the right decision for our... READ COMMENT

I cannot find that Dr. Seiger has any board-certification in plastic surgery; all I can find is his orthopedic and dermatology training. READ COMMENT