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I am doing well. Today is 15 days post surgery. I had 2.8 liters removed and about 1liters transferred. At first I was a bit worried that too much had been transferred but my doctor assured me that some of it would not survive. He was... READ COMMENT

To clarify, I took Demerol on the second night but didn't feel it helped more than the Tylenol. So I stuck with Tylenol the rest of the time. READ COMMENT

I had my procedure on July 18 and my recovery has been as better than expected. The day of surgery i was pretty nauseated and tired from the anesthesia. I stuck with Tylenol to avoid feeling nauseated but did take in the second night. I... READ COMMENT

I had lipo to my abdomen, flanks and inner thighs. For the abdomen, I had an incision in my naval and two in the to part of my pubic area. For the inner thigh, he used the pubic incisions and made an incision about half way down... READ COMMENT