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I am so glad to hear that. I am definitely seeing a difference, and to think it might go on past 6 months is great news. In about a year, I plan to have it done again - I've been happy with the results. READ COMMENT

It went well. He saw improvement in the tautness of my skin starting at about my cheekbones, and affecting everything downward to my jawline, and that's where I see it. He was concerned, though, about the spot right behind of the... READ COMMENT

Hi Lynn, I'm at 7 weeks too, and go back and forth as to whether I see a difference. I go in next week for my followup, and am looking forward to comparing the before and after pics that they take - I'm sure they do a good job of... READ COMMENT

Susan, I, too, am excited to see what the doctor's office thinks. I had full face and neck done. They were training the aestheticians - I was the 4th out of 4 - and the rep was in the room as well, so I felt very comfortable. They... READ COMMENT

Thanks, lindalocket. I'm 56 and had mine done 3.5 weeks ago. I thought I saw some improvement, but am not sure. I'm anxious to go back to my doctor at 2 months, because then I'll have a much more objective opinion and pics. I still... READ COMMENT