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What Are my Options? Hesitant About Breast Lift?

I have been thinking about doing a breast lift for months but I am still hesitant. I dont want the lollipop scar on my breast as I am African American and I am afraid that it... READ MORE

Small Yellow Discharge from Incision Site After Breast Lift?

I had a breast lift one week ago. In the last couple of days however, I have noticed when I take off my bra that I usually have a tiny amount of yellow fluid on my bra at the... READ MORE

Swollen Breast - Possible Hematoma 11 Days After BL? (photo)

Yesterday my left breast suddenly got swollen and became bigger in size in the space of 5minutes i thought the stitches would give way. The breast has since reduced & just... READ MORE

Hematoma Draining by Itself Through Incision. Worried About Infection?

I had a breast lift (no augmentation) & developed a hematoma 2 weeks after surgery. An ultrasound revealed 21cc of blood in one breast. My PS said to let the hematoma... READ MORE

Will These Stitches Stretch and Breast Regain Shape?

I had a bl 8 weeks ago and developed hematoma in right breast. Hematoma has resolved apart from some hardness internally but the vertical incisions healed with stiches pulled... READ MORE