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Microliposuction After Fat Grafting - New York, NY

I had fat grafting that i didn't need with another dr. thank god most fat died, but i was left with a few lumps in the buccal area and fat that covered my high cheekbones. dr freund rebalanced my face to its original shape. the procedure was easy, took less than an hr, local anesthesia. i was... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase - New York, NY

This review is overdue. A few years ago i had beloteo injected under my eyes and it was a nightmare: blue and lumpy with huge bags. That is when i found Dr Shelton. Dr Shelton did a couple of rounds of hyaluronidase, and he solved my issues and my under eye aea looked better than ever... READ MORE

Questions from septembergirl

Lumpy Bags Under the Eyes After Belotero? (photo)

A week after doing belotero under the eyesbii still have uneveness and lumps (it looks like uneven undereye bags) my dr insists that i am still swollen: 1- i did restylanes... READ MORE

I have volume loss in my temple area and lower face; would you suggest fillers or fat grafting? (photos)

I have volume loss in the temple area and lower face (i have restylane under my eyes which caused discoloration). i would like to do filler or fat grafting. However, i... READ MORE

does derma roller/microneedling work for facial adhesions?

I have adhesions on one side of my face near the nasolabial folds due to surgery and a hematoma. steroid injections helped, but the side effects aren' t worth it. does... READ MORE

Why did voluma in the buccal area disappear?

I had one and a half voluma injection on one side of the buccal area where there was asymmetry. the voluma all disappeared. So i went to another dr who put juvederm ultra and... READ MORE

Why is everybody switching to belotero for under eye area?

I haven't done my under eye area in over a year because i am afraid. more drs are switching to belotero. two drs tried belotero and had horrible tyndall effect twice. i think... READ MORE

Botox made my face puffy with a chipmunk smile. Any suggestions?

I got botox done 10 days ago (i have bn getting it for years with a different provider) . two days later my face puffed up and it is visible when i smile in the form of edema... READ MORE

Does laser genesis improve telangiectasia?

L have telangiectasia and pih under my eye. i am afraid of using the pulse dye laser to create pih. I would like to use something gentler like genesis but does it help with... READ MORE

How do I prepare the skin for fraxel for PIH?

I have pih in the lower lid area. Tried medlite, but the results are not drammatic and my skin is dry and crinkley where i had it. i would like to try fraxel on the lower lid,... READ MORE

Seeking a a qualified Dr in NYC who can give me a peel under the eyes?

I have some pih under the eyes from an injury (i think it is either hemosiderin or pih) and i am doing medlite with slow results (although i do see results). my concern is that... READ MORE

Is it a common side effect to have huge cheeks after botox? (Photo)

I had botox on crows feet area. i had it before , but with different provider. this time i had a bruise under my eye near the cheek area (never happened before bc i dont think... READ MORE

I had Botox. And my cheeks are swollen and malar area. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had botox on crows feet (20 units in total) almost three weeks ago. two days later my cheeks were very puffy. now the swelling is less, but stable and wheni smile the cheeks... READ MORE

Peel for damaged crinkled dry under eye skin?

Laser medlite for pih for a burn i received last year helped some with discoloration but my skin hasbeen dry and crinkled in the area in which i received the laser (only the... READ MORE

Does swell ex work?

I have facial edema from microliposuction received 3 mos ago which is particularly worse in the a.m. READ MORE

Would any doctor in NYC inject 0.5cc Restylane vial under the eyes?

I am interested in getting restylane under the eyes . i dont need much and i do not want to overdo it. any dr is skilled at injecting resylane in the undereye lid and sells .5... READ MORE

One month after Botox, my cheeks swell up and are huge when I smile. How long will it last?

2 days after botox on crows feet (20 units) i began to swell up. after a week 50% of the swelling went down, but a month later my. cheeks still puff up when i smile the same as... READ MORE

Who can remove a large vein in the center of my forehead?

Any drs who can remove a large vein in the middle of my forehead that puffs up when i smile? it is huge when i smile or lean down. it looks like a varicose vein, but i have no... READ MORE

Is Restylane silk good for tear through?

I would like to avoid tyndall, so i was wondering if this can be used. not a belotero fan as i had a bad experience (tyndall) since it was place i think superficially. READ MORE

Any doctors who inject 5-FU on scar tissue in new york?

I have internal scar tissue on my face and i read that 5-fu has a higher safety profile than kenalog. is it true? any providers in nyc? READ MORE

How can I find an expert injector to put filler above cheek (temple) area and tear trough in New York, NY?

I have prominent cheek bones but the upper cheekbone or below /at the the temples i look more hollow on one side may be because of the cheekbones. i am looking for an injector... READ MORE

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You look great! i also saw dr lee and he is a genius! READ COMMENT

Wow, that is a lot of filler. I also went to an Asian dr who injected 14 syringes on his patients. he talked me into doing two syringes of voluma all on one side of the face! i looked so uneven, bumpy and overfilled! I think some Asian... READ COMMENT

Leave her alone people. she did not criticize brown eyes, but i understand it is a shock to see yourself with a different color. i tried lighter blue contacts once and i look horrendous bc it didnt complement my skin tone. it has... READ COMMENT

I didn't notice much change, i am sure there must be. i think your eyes are gorgeous in all the pictures, but only you know yourself intimately and know what you like... READ COMMENT

I would not ask for a credit. get acrefund if anything and run for the hills!! My dr explained that bc the muscle around the eye was paralyzed, it doesnt stop the cheek muscles from coming up creating a distorted look. wrong placement... READ COMMENT