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Hate my Botox Results. Here is What to Do to Make Sure It Dissipates and That Drs Do Not Tell You!

Hate my botox results! I wanted a brow lift and only on the brows and the dr injected it on my crows feet (probably to sell me more units). I have ten units on each dide, a frozen smile and chipmunk look when i smile...he paralyzed the eye around the muscle. If you are not careful at my anatomy it can happen with botox (it happened twice in my life). Anyway, I read horror stories of people who... READ MORE

No Results

I did the peel on friday afternoon, left it on the four hours. used toweletess at home. on the 3rd day slight peeling (barely visible) on chn, on the 4th barelyvisible peeling on one are of forehead. For the rest my skin was blotchy for one week. That is all i got. if anything my skin looks slightly worse because i was not allowed to use my usual products. i will not do it again. i spoke... READ MORE

Voluma Ruined my Face - New York, NY

I had voluma done on April 2016 and I have been unhappy and miserable since. I was a pretty happy person before then and I often got complimented on my looks. It all chanfed on the day I got voluma. My dr (who was amazing!!!) had moved to another state,so i had to find a new one. I just needed a touch up and i wanted to even out asymmetry on top of a cheekbone. I met this dr who looked ... READ MORE

Ultrasound For Those of You Who Are Dealing with Filler Nightmares That Even Hyaluronidase Cannot Fix - New York, NY

Hello, I am sharing my experience with those who are dealing with a voluma/juvederm nightmare. Some of you may be too scared to get hyaluronidase, but an even more unfortunate number of you cannot dissolve the filler regardless of the amount of vitrase they have injected. I belong to the latter category. I was a very happy person up until the end of April. I had not done fillers in years, but... READ MORE

Treated Phi for a 2nd Degree Ipl Burn I Got Somewhere else - New York

Designed treatment for me for discoloration from an ipl burn (fm another office) with medlite and genesis. she knows what she is doing. Personable, more affordable than other places in NYC. Technician was awesome and knew what she was doung. Beautiful offices on 5th avenue. Recommened. I will see her for fillers at the end of the summer and i will update the review READ MORE

Hyaluronidase - New York, NY

This review is overdue. A few years ago i had beloteo injected under my eyes and it was a nightmare: blue and lumpy with huge bags. That is when i found Dr Shelton. Dr Shelton did a couple of rounds of hyaluronidase, and he solved my issues and my under eye aea looked better than ever afterwards (i don't know why, may be i had slight tyndall and never realized it?). unfortunately, between... READ MORE

Microliposuction After Fat Grafting - New York, NY

I had fat grafting that i didn't need with another dr. thank god most fat died, but i was left with a few lumps in the buccal area and fat that covered my high cheekbones. dr freund rebalanced my face to its original shape. the procedure was easy, took less than an hr, local anesthesia. i was swollen for a few days and bruised. excellent, honest, caring dr!!!Highly recommended! READ MORE

Questions from angelique2016

Lumpy Bags Under the Eyes After Belotero? (photo)

A week after doing belotero under the eyesbii still have uneveness and lumps (it looks like uneven undereye bags) my dr insists that i am still swollen: 1- i did restylanes... READ MORE

I have volume loss in my temple area and lower face; would you suggest fillers or fat grafting? (photos)

I have volume loss in the temple area and lower face (i have restylane under my eyes which caused discoloration). i would like to do filler or fat grafting. However, i... READ MORE

does derma roller/microneedling work for facial adhesions?

I have adhesions on one side of my face near the nasolabial folds due to surgery and a hematoma. steroid injections helped, but the side effects aren' t worth it. does... READ MORE

Why did voluma in the buccal area disappear?

I had one and a half voluma injection on one side of the buccal area where there was asymmetry. the voluma all disappeared. So i went to another dr who put juvederm ultra and... READ MORE

Why is everybody switching to belotero for under eye area?

I haven't done my under eye area in over a year because i am afraid. more drs are switching to belotero. two drs tried belotero and had horrible tyndall effect twice. i think... READ MORE

Botox made my face puffy with a chipmunk smile. Any suggestions?

I got botox done 10 days ago (i have bn getting it for years with a different provider) . two days later my face puffed up and it is visible when i smile in the form of edema... READ MORE

Does laser genesis improve telangiectasia?

L have telangiectasia and pih under my eye. i am afraid of using the pulse dye laser to create pih. I would like to use something gentler like genesis but does it help with... READ MORE

How do I prepare the skin for fraxel for PIH?

I have pih in the lower lid area. Tried medlite, but the results are not drammatic and my skin is dry and crinkley where i had it. i would like to try fraxel on the lower lid,... READ MORE

Seeking a a qualified Dr in NYC who can give me a peel under the eyes?

I have some pih under the eyes from an injury (i think it is either hemosiderin or pih) and i am doing medlite with slow results (although i do see results). my concern is that... READ MORE

Is it a common side effect to have huge cheeks after botox? (Photo)

I had botox on crows feet area. i had it before , but with different provider. this time i had a bruise under my eye near the cheek area (never happened before bc i dont think... READ MORE

I had Botox. And my cheeks are swollen and malar area. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had botox on crows feet (20 units in total) almost three weeks ago. two days later my cheeks were very puffy. now the swelling is less, but stable and wheni smile the cheeks... READ MORE

Peel for damaged crinkled dry under eye skin?

Laser medlite for pih for a burn i received last year helped some with discoloration but my skin hasbeen dry and crinkled in the area in which i received the laser (only the... READ MORE

Does swell ex work?

I have facial edema from microliposuction received 3 mos ago which is particularly worse in the a.m. READ MORE

Would any doctor in NYC inject 0.5cc Restylane vial under the eyes?

I am interested in getting restylane under the eyes . i dont need much and i do not want to overdo it. any dr is skilled at injecting resylane in the undereye lid and sells .5... READ MORE

One month after Botox, my cheeks swell up and are huge when I smile. How long will it last?

2 days after botox on crows feet (20 units) i began to swell up. after a week 50% of the swelling went down, but a month later my. cheeks still puff up when i smile the same as... READ MORE

Who can remove a large vein in the center of my forehead?

Any drs who can remove a large vein in the middle of my forehead that puffs up when i smile? it is huge when i smile or lean down. it looks like a varicose vein, but i have no... READ MORE

Is Restylane silk good for tear through?

I would like to avoid tyndall, so i was wondering if this can be used. not a belotero fan as i had a bad experience (tyndall) since it was place i think superficially. READ MORE

Any doctors who inject 5-FU on scar tissue in new york?

I have internal scar tissue on my face and i read that 5-fu has a higher safety profile than kenalog. is it true? any providers in nyc? READ MORE

How can I find an expert injector to put filler above cheek (temple) area and tear trough in New York, NY?

I have prominent cheek bones but the upper cheekbone or below /at the the temples i look more hollow on one side may be because of the cheekbones. i am looking for an injector... READ MORE

Does Clear and Brilliant thicken the skin?

I am 43, no particular visible signs of aging just fine lines around the eyes. i am caucasian and my skin has yellow undertones. I would like to thicken my skin all around.... READ MORE

What treatment for mild upper eye loose skin?

I have mild uppe eye extra skin. i tried botox and filler and i looked like a neanderthal. Am i too young for an upper blepharoplasty? can i put filler in the crease ? READ MORE

Voluma dropped to my jowls and made my face look saggy. If it was injected under the muscle will hyaluronidase spare the skin?

Voluma injected in buccal area, dropped to my jowl, feels soft jelky like and saggy. injected extremely deep in a bolus, under muscle . will hyaluronidase be less in contact... READ MORE

Could I have a seroma years after face surgery?

I had hematoma a few years ago, had small irregularities not very visible. did voluma 2.5 months ago, the little pockets which were barely visible got much bigger after filler.... READ MORE

Fillers for reconstructive /camouflage work New York?

Hi, i need fillers to camouflage asymmetry and lumps in lower face from fat grafting. i need a dr who is versed in that in nyc (my dr , a magician indeed, retired and it is... READ MORE

Can I use a dpl/infrared/red lllt after hyaluronidase?

I am going through a series of hyaluronidase treatments (it takes ages to dissolve that stuff) and i have purchased a led /dpl light (630 nm and 830 nm) . it is supposed to... READ MORE

Will an MRI or ultrasound show where Voluma is injected?

I cant get rid of voluma, after several rounds of hyaluronidase, i only got a 25% decrease, it is like a 5% decrease each time. i can obly think it is not injected in the right... READ MORE

Many injections of Hyaluronidase for Voluma p. Got 30% improvement. Is a 1 month break & RF good treatment in the meantime?

8 rounds of hyaluronidase in the 3 month course for 2 ml of voluma. after the third i began seeing a decrease by 5% each round. Yesterday i tried undiluted voluma (but on my... READ MORE

How do I get skin healthy again after hyaluronidase?

I had 9 rounds of hyaluronidase to dissolve 9 ml of voluma. i think i got 50% reduction and only because yesterday a dermatologist applied full strength. i still have some... READ MORE

Can I use maximum strength vitrase more than once?

2 ml voluma 3 months ago. dr injected it where it is not recommended (buccal hollow, chin and one temple), result asymmetric & edema. i went to 2 drs who used diluted... READ MORE

Are doctors required to take a special course for administering voluma in order to purchase?

I had a horrible experience with voluma. My plastic surgeon, an ENT cant dissolve it or remember where he misplaced it. I am having a hard time believing he took the allergan... READ MORE

Can Voluma be excised?

I had a horrible voluma job done 3 mos ago on one side of my face buccal hollow and i cannot dissolve it. I did ten rounds of vitrase, it gets better for a minute then an hour... READ MORE

Why does Voluma on my chin and temple feel rubbery?

I went to board certified ps, verified lot number. cannot dissolve it and the litttle i dissolved comes back when i swell intermittentky. it is almost all there after ten... READ MORE

Temporary fillers becoming encapsulated and semi-permanent

I just read a study in which 83% of subjects who received hyaluronic acid maintained volumisation bc the the filler was encapsulated and the material was replaced by fibrosis.... READ MORE

I did one Sublime RF treatment in the area that cannot dissolve filler. Will it become encapsulated?

Yesterday (under suggestion of ps) i git a sublime rf treatment in the area where i am getting hyaluronidase for voluma that won't dissolve? now i read one paper that says... READ MORE

Contemplating surgical excision for Voluma

Tried ten rounds of hyaluronidase. it wont go away. i read that fillers can get encapsulated esp if injected deep. i am afraid i formed a capsule around it and that is why it... READ MORE

What is the price for Clear and Brilliant in NYC? Is it worth it?

My skin texture looks worse (kinda dry, but it is not dry without make up) when i put make up on and i would like something that makes make up go on smoothly. READ MORE

Asymmetry & lumpiness created by voluma? (Photos)

I had 2 ml voluma injected sublabially and on under left zygomatic arch, and buccal hollow. After 10 hyaluronidase treatments that is all i achieved. from day one if i lie down... READ MORE

Voluma on my chin feels rubbery and I cannot dissolve it?

I tried to dissolve voluma 5 times on my chin area (sublabial) twice full strength. no results, or if there are they are minimal. feels rubbery when i touch it (it was injected... READ MORE

Plastic surgeon or dermatologist for filler to improve symmetry?

Which one is more skilled at achieving balance and symmetry with fillers? READ MORE

Voluma left me asymmetrical. Do you think I should add to the other side? (Photo)

Voluma left me asymmetrica l (and u can see filler in some areas) bc it was put in the buccal hollow and under zygomatic area. 11 attempts at dissolving helped only by 30%. i... READ MORE

Would filler camouflage these lumps? (photos)

I have there lumps that were barely visible after fat grafts years ago, but they were made worse by voluma . multiple attempts will not dissolve it and return to baseline.... READ MORE

What do Juvederm products feel like when you touch it when it comes out of the syringe?

I played with some juvederm ultra (i was given an expired syringe to see what its consistency is like since i cannot dissolve voluma) and rolled it in my fingers and it... READ MORE

How do you explain that the effects of vitrase only lasted a few days then most of the voluma came back? (photos)

4 mos ago i had one syringe of voluma placed on the right zygomatic buccal hollow (the dr said there was asymmetry but in retrospect i dont think it was the case). multiple... READ MORE

Why did I break out after vitalize peel?

3 years ago i had mild break outs, andci did a vitalize peel. my skin looked amazing for the first three days after it peeled, but thn i had the worst break out ever with lots... READ MORE

Ultrasound to locate hyaluronic acid filler?

I got this info from the NIH and they say hyaluronic acid fillers are visible through ultrasound. issue is where do i find someone who can do and analyze ultrasound to locate... READ MORE

What are the chances i got injected with fake voluma? Can anyone excise possibly fake voluma on chin and on side submalar area?

Injected by a board certified ps with 2 ml voluma. .60 ml injected on one side chin,. 80 in the submalar area which made me asymmetrical. 14 dissolving attempts submaler 3... READ MORE

Surgically removing Voluma. Any suggestions?

Been trying to remove voluma w hyaluronidase, not three times but 15. after i visited the last dermatologist twice it got better, but filler still in my temple, cheek and chin.... READ MORE

Can I use clear and brilliant and microneedling?

If so how long do i space yhem from each other? READ MORE

I suspect PS injected me with fake Voluma, who do i report him to?

My ps surgeon ruined my face with voluma. after way too many hyaluronidase injections, (15-16) at least 50%of voluma is still there and it left my face asymmetrical & lumpy... READ MORE

How do i get my oval back?

After a voluma nightmare (dr put it all in the right buccal are and cheek hollow and chin w lumpy results) that i could not fix completely despite hyaluronidase, my face looks... READ MORE

Is membership of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery a real board certification?


Treatment for telagiectasia around nose and eyes, two v-beam treatments did not work?

I have visible small capillaries around my nose and eyes, which i can easily cover with make up. However, the redness bothers me. Two vbeam treatments (the last a week ago) no... READ MORE

Coolglide or Vbeam Perfecta for spider veins face?

I tried vbeam perfecta twice (the last 10 days ago) and the results are underwhelming. Would coolglide or vbeam be a better option for telangiectasia under the eyes (near... READ MORE

Is it possible to develop antibodies to Hyaluronidase so that it no longer works?

I had a very hard time removing voluma and after over 16 attempts ( even full strength) some lumps are still there . I am worried that my immune system destroys it making it... READ MORE

How many units of Botox for forehead and crows feet area?

How many units to for horizontal lines in forehead area and crow's feet to achieve anatural look and slight brow lift and to make sure eyebrows do not drop? i did go to a ps... READ MORE

Cannot dissolve Voluma. How would I know if I have granuloma? Would 5 FU injections or kenalog conservative injections work?

After the 18 th treatment it is time to give up on dissolving voluma. it will never happen. i either have fake voluma or filler granuloma. my face is asymmetrical and i do not... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to use 5-FU/ Kenalog combo for filler complications when hyaluronidase will not work?

Voluma six months ago, multiple hyaluronidase injections only got me this far. mri shows cysts (but i do not know the nature of the cyst, whether ha or granuloma). is it worth... READ MORE

If I cannot dissolve Voluma with Vitrase, shall I try Kenalog 5-FU?

I got voluma injected 6 months ago, despite multiple vitrase injections, i cannot get rid of all of it. got rid of some, but it is pretty much steady there and im asymmetrical.... READ MORE

Any recommendations for doctors in the NYC area who are experts with fillers?

After a bout with voluma bad injections, i am left with an asymmetrical face. I have some scar tissue (not from the voluma but from a previous surgery/ hematoma) that created... READ MORE

What to do for adhesions in nasolabila folds (fillers do not work).

I have a thick band. of scar tissue in each fold ,the skin is held together to the underlying structure by this scar tissue. i really like the look of no folds on myself, but... READ MORE

Wire subcision for complete release of depressions, subdermal attachments, and scars?

Filler for nl do not work on le because somehow i have adesion that kerp the wrinkle together. i read of a dr who before injecting filler he uses a wire to separate the... READ MORE

Are there any advanced injectors in NYC to correct irregularities with fillers?

I had hematoma which left internal scar tissue and a divot in my face. the skin on my left cheek has like pocket or lump and if it is not injected properly (eg too deep) it... READ MORE

What is the least hydrophilic hyaluronic acid for superficial injections?

I noticed that whn i use juvederm, i am often over corrected (is it possible that it atteacts more water as it settles). I want to have superficial injectios for skin... READ MORE

Alternating 30% glycolic peel with microdermabrasion?

I get 30% gkycolic peel every two weeks. Can i alternate the perl with microdermabrasion (one week glycolic peel, another microderm)? READ MORE

Voluma did not completely dissolve 8 months and 20 vitrase injections later?

I have been battling with voluma lumps and asymmetry since April. I did mri to rule out silicone (the thing is it can only rule out silicone). On ultrasound it only shows 2... READ MORE

6 units of Botox under each crows feet. My smile was affected

2weeks later when i smile 'y face is distorted: my upper cheeks puff up and my smile is less broad..and the cheeks when smililng are uneven? How long to return to normal? READ MORE

Injectable fillers: In NYS there is no real regulation as to whom can perform cosmetic procedures. Are other states better?

Since my dr retired, had a couple of botched filler procedures. 1 with a board certified facial plastic surgeon and another w a board certified dermatologist. The poor... READ MORE

Weird smile after Botox (Photo)

I had 6 units under each crows feet, 10 glabellar, 8 forehead (i do it every 8 months) one month ago. this time, different provider and my smile looks weird: asymmetric cheek... READ MORE

Weird upper cheek when I smile after botox? (photo)

One month ago, 6. units each crows feet, 10 glabellar,8 forehead. (30 total). every dynamic line is gone wbut when i smile my cheeks puff up (not symmetrically) and slightly... READ MORE

Will microcurrent facials help make botox last less?

I read that stimulating the muscles with microcurrent may help rebuild the connections faster. I am just trying to avoid muscle atrophy from not using the muscles since i do... READ MORE

Day 4 after peeling and minimal peeling.

I did got a vi peel on Friday, it is now Monday, I have a minimal amount of peeling mainly near my mouth and a little on my forehead (not readily noticeable) . I was expecting... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase did not work. If it produced too much collagen in the area, is steroid indicated?

After voluma i cannot get back my cheek holow despite repeated injections in the course of 8 months. I do not want to give up, i think i might have collegan/ scar tissue at... READ MORE

Is my recovery from VI Peel normal?

I am on day 6 of vi peel. I used the at home treatment protocol . I had minimal flaking (no sheets) on my face, but my skin is a little pink (i also have two faint pink spots... READ MORE

How would you camouflage skin irregularities with filler?

I have a depression & scar tissue, a few irregularities fm hematoma years ago (it left some smal lump that after voluma got much worse and cannot be dissolved). . want to... READ MORE

I got a Vi Peel 2 weeks ago and no downtime, mostly light peeling, does that mean it was too mild for me?

Got a vpeel 2 wks ago. I left it on 4 hours and used the take home towelettes & products. Very light peeling near my mouth and very very little on one small area of my... READ MORE

Glycolic peel 3 weeks after Vi peel?

I did a vi peel 3 wks ago. followed the protocol at home and followed instruction to the t. Little peeling, some blotchiness first week. Results: underwhelming. i usually do... READ MORE

Vi peel produced no results. Shall I try a jessner peel?

Had vi peel 5 weeks ago. followed the home protocol to the T . i was blotchy for a week and very little peeling (i could go about my routine and wear make up). No results. No... READ MORE

Anyone with lots of experience with Hyaluronidase in San Diego?

Vollure 2 syringes. it is in my lower face and cheeks. drs records are not accurate, but i have plenty of before/ after pictures to help locate it. READ MORE

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my drs website lists he is double certified ent and ps. certification only lists ent. how do i find out?

Hi i had a botched job by a board certified ent and board certified ps. his website lists that he is a board certified ent and board certifiedplastic surgeon. i went to, but... READ MORE

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He is truly an amazing dr with great skills! READ COMMENT

Yes i recovered fully. it took a couple of months though. i do not think i want to try botox anymore.. it was horrendous READ COMMENT

It eventually went away. it took three months. I noticed that my hoody eyelids also went away after botox dissipated. so i guess i had ptosis as well and i thought i was just aging! Anyway, i think the microcurrent helped speed up the... READ COMMENT

Thank u so much!!!! I will definitely look into it! I do not want to do filler and dissolving ever bc i am traumatized after these bad experiences! Thank unagain! Xoxoxo READ COMMENT

Thank u so much for the tip! are there specific places where you go for acupuncture on your face? I so want to try it!! READ COMMENT