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After 3 Fraxel Laser Treatments My Skin is Hard and Hurts.. Is That Normal?

I had severe acne, and I was 'sold' fraxel laser treatments to help.. but my life is so much worse 8 years later... is laser treatment just for 'healthy skin that is aged?' READ MORE

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If you have real acne scars, it is worse to do this than not.. I was sold 3 treatments 8 years ago, and I now distrust dermatologists because It made me worse.. my quality of life went way down because the scars hardened and I now have... READ COMMENT

Agree.. I paid for 3 fraxel's and my scars hardened up and got worse for the wear.. I lost trust in dermatologist after that.. READ COMMENT

If you have real cystic acne scars, fraxel laser is bad.. it will harden the scar tissue and cause more pain and frustration... it may work for wrinkles and very small acne scars, but.. beware.. doctors are selling stuff as much as car... READ COMMENT

I was sold that fraxel lasers would help.. paid about 2500.00 dollars for 3 treatments and I am worse after the fact.. scars have hardened and now hurt.. 8 years later, and I hate doctors for recommending it.. READ COMMENT

I did 3 fraxel treatments for acne scarring and I am worse for the wear.. beware.. scars will harden and not just go away as they say.. 8 years since I did it, and I don't like the results.. pain and frustration.. READ COMMENT