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Ok i just saw your cast removal pics! its absolutely stunning, just a really beautiful shape and it completely makes your eyes pop and makes them more noticeable. It suits you 100%! hope you're happy with it you look gorgeous-i'd only... READ COMMENT

Excitement! I hope it all goes well with your cast off, keep with the updates :) and you were right, it has dropped to the bottom of my face now-im a chipmunk! haha thanks for the heads up xP wishing you well xx READ COMMENT

Hey girl! looking great so far, you can already see a big difference! When are the splints and cast coming off? I'm post op day 3 i guess now and my facial swelling is mad!! also wondering when yours started subsiding and when was it at... READ COMMENT

Your nose looks awesome! Im curious to what extent your diet has effected the swelling post op i.e. what kind of foods did you cut out which helped reduce swelling? READ COMMENT

Stunning! it looks just like you were born with that nose! READ COMMENT