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I Had Co3 Laser Post a Fl Around my Mouth and Sides of Eyes,

The procedure looks horrible, but after a few weeks it peels off and you can't believe how perfect your skin looks, I swear it's still perfect in those areas, smooth and I want to get more , will have to see what my ps says. I recommend it highly. It really didn't hurt much either, but you are basically burning through several layers of skin, and then when healed your skin looks like it did... READ MORE

My 30yr Silicone Implants Leaking, Want Removal, Implants, Lift& Tummy Tuck - San Diego, CA

I have seen my ps and am all set up to get the old leakers removed, new ones and a lift, also a tummy tuck. I am 60 yrs young with ugly scars on my stomach from a few previous operations not to mention the sagging skin, I have always wanted a nice flat stomach, and though I weigh 123 lbs, it has always stuck out. I would love to hear from anyone who has gone through these 2 procedures at the... READ MORE

Upper/ Lower Lids, Hollowing Problem - San Diego, CA

I am worried about my eye surgery as it will also be a surgery for a face/neck / temporal lift at the same time. Besides my neck, my deep hollows under both eyes has been my biggest problem. I see ALOT of removing fat / bags, but not about how the hollows are best treated, I don't have any fat to move around ,according to Pl , and he said fat-grafting doesn't last, so he will not do it unless... READ MORE

Scared but Hopeful Facelift - Encinitas, CA , but not anymore, Jan2015

My 2nd consultation ( pre-op) is tomorrow , June , 14, I am making a list of all my concerns and questions . I am so glad to have found this site, otherwise I would not k ow all the post-op experiences that seem to effect everyone in some way. It makes me more nervous , but at least I am getting informed. Will keep you all posted. The pre op appt went ok , he took ALOT of time with me and... READ MORE

Questions from JWOLFE

Medication Triluma Useful for Milia and Hyperlipidemia?

These tiny white bumps under eyes , what treatment for above conditions READ MORE

Photos of Trachea Scar Revision?

I am having my trachea scar revised and would like to see before & after PHOTOS of this type of revision Thank you READ MORE

I'm 3 Weeks Post Op from Bleph Both Up & Down, Now It's Tearing Continually, is This Normal?

My right eye is just pouring tears 24/7 for last 2 weeks, it's very hard to see , blurry all the time. I have already been checked by my PS and my Opthomalagist and have made... READ MORE

My Ps Added a Stitch on Outside Corners of Lips, What Does That Do?

Where the stitches were on outside corners of lips now has a bump on both corners, What is achieved by doing this and will the bumps flatten? READ MORE

After FL and Blepharplasty Quad, Post Op 3 Months, Left with Small Hard Bumps?

Any treatments used for these hard bumps to flatten or dissolve? Do injections of steroids help? What can be done?They are @ outside corners of eyes, corners of mouth and on... READ MORE

Triluma Cream for Under Eye Milia Useful?

I have milia under each eye that does not go away, can using Triluma cream help this? READ MORE

Corner lip lift leaves bulges?

Had corner of lips lifted, now I have bulges about the size of a grape on each side. I'm 5 months post op and need advise about how best to flatten them. Is laser used ? What... READ MORE

Can silicone breasts that are leaking handle a breast removal & lift and tummy all performed in one surgery?

These 38 yrs old silicone implants are leaking so I was told at my last at my mama gram. One dr said don't worry about it, another suggested removal , lift. I also have wanted... READ MORE

How long is recovery for tummy tuck, implant removal & replaced and lift done same day?

My implants are 30yrs and leaking silicone, need all that removed and replaced with new silicone implant, a breast lift, and a tummy tuck, I'm scheduled for surgery in 13 days,... READ MORE

Last November had implants replaced (Photo)

Now my implant on left is flat & rt implant is looking larger. In the same surgery I also had a tummy tuck , new silicone implants and a lift. I did this because having a... READ MORE

Silicone implants moved, what should I do? (Photo)

Ok, the new implants were silicone an d the new one are also silicone., what happened is left implant moved over to right so I have two on the right its huge, I went. To my.... READ MORE

Discussions started by JWOLFE

My 4week old blepharplasty has turned into continuous tears , anyone have this problem?

I am having difficulty typing or reading because my eyes just pour tears. It's only been 4 week since surgery but the 1st 3 weeks were fine, I don't have allergies or suffer... READ MORE

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Misjudged, thank you for the encouragement, I realize no one will see the actual work , after all I'm 60 and would not be caught dead in a bikini, but these implants a mess according to the MRI, and have to go, I sorta got the tummy... READ COMMENT

If you're in San Diego area, my ps is Dr Steve Laverson and I am having my surgery in nov2016, by him because the man is an artist and a very excellent ps . He has done work on my neck and eyes and it was great, I recommend him highly!... READ COMMENT

Dear Marathon Mom, you look very beautiful, bright eyed and 10 years younger! I also had my FL 14mo this ago and I'm so glad I did it, being 58 is no walk in the park just because aging sucks so much to start with! Now when I look in... READ COMMENT

Hi Wex, I did find some photos on my iPad, but I will need to send them to you via your email address, let me know about that and I hope you are better each day! Jwolfe READ COMMENT

Hi swg123, I would love to hear more info on what you had done, ie details etc. And though I had laser around my eyes too, I'm not sure my treatment was like yours. I had CO2 laser , it was very invasive and took about 5 months to see... READ COMMENT