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Lumpiness After Lipo?

Hello. I'm not even 3 weeks out from my BA and lipo, but I'm wondering if the lumpy look on my abdomen will eventually go away? It did not look like this prior to surgery. I... READ MORE

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Yes. My hips/flank area still look much better than before, but the weight is coming right back to my belly. I'm ticked, it hasn't even been 3 months. Admittedly I ate poorly for a short while, but I'm now working with a trainer doing... READ COMMENT

I'm almost 2 months out and still have swelling. I might still need a tummy tuck to achieve the look I want, but I don't think my husband is up for spending even more (I also had BA) right now. ;) I have a couple lumpy areas too, the... READ COMMENT

Hugs! I would recommend getting fitted for a bra at Nordstrom. They do such an excellent job-it really helps with the look of back rolls/fat. I'm starting to wonder if my stomach is ever going to look right-maybe it's excess skin and... READ COMMENT

How are you feeling now? I had mine about 5 weeks ago, and I hope what I see is still swelling...... READ COMMENT

How frustrating! I wonder if lifting weights would help? I plan to start working with a trainer once I feel back to normal. My midsection (pre kids, mind you) was slimmer when I weighed only slightly less than I do now, but I was... READ COMMENT