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Saline Implant Removal, No Lift

I wanted to write this review to pay it forward, the stories I read from you ladies really helped me! I have 350 cc saline implants, placed over the muscle, for 4 years now. I have had a total of 3 surgeries, the explant will be my 4th. My first BA resulted in a capsular contraction on the right breast. I lived with it a year, hoping it would go away. It did not, and since I was getting... READ MORE

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You are so welcome. I would have never removed mine if it wasn't for this site. My husband would probably still like it if I had the implants, but I really was miserable. So if you are miserable too, just get them out. It's not worth it... READ COMMENT

You will look great! And the way I felt was, I wanted them out, and if they didn't look good after a year, I would get a lift. But mine were huge, and it's like they were never there except for the scars. You will do great! Don't be scared! READ COMMENT

I didn't have new implants put in! I explanted 3 weeks ago, and yes it is amazing! I am 5'1, 105 lbs. I am back to a 32C. My boobs were like jelly the first week, by the third week, they are back to what they were before. I actually... READ COMMENT

I had my implants removed 3 weeks ago. I am 16 years older than you & I did not need a lift. I had 360 ccs for 4 years & was a 32DD. My breast look just like they did before I got implants. Very perky! You won't need a lift, I promise!... READ COMMENT

You look stunning in that white tank top! Don't you feel like you look proportionate the way you are now? When I had implants, I felt like I always looked fat in everything, and very top heavy. Did you ever feel that way? Again, your... READ COMMENT