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Could I have a mastectomy for cosmetic reasons?

I am mid in my 60's. 25 years agoI had a modified radical mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with implant. Five years ago I had my implant removed. My breast is a B cup. I... READ MORE

Is a simple mastectomy a reasonable procedure to achieve symmetry.

In 1989 I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma at age 42. I had a modified radical mastectomy, immediate reconstruction, and chemotherapy. The reconstruction caused terrible... READ MORE

I have rosacea and cystic acne on my chin and sores or pimples on my scalp, in my late 60's, Can I go back onto accutane?

About 5 years ago my dermatologist prescribed 10 mg of Accutane 2 times a week for almost two years. My skin looked flawless. I was on the Accutane for close to 2 years. Then... READ MORE

At 70 years old, I have loose skin on neck and marionette lines on chin. Have a thin face and always have (Photo)

The areas I mentioned are what bothers me and the areas I would like to have fixed. I have fine hair and I wear it short. I worry about scars showing through my hair when I am... READ MORE

I have always been a mouth breather. Do I need a turbinate reduction? (Photo)

Recently I was told that I need turbinate reduction. However, I recently notice in photos that my nostrils are not only narrow, they are also asymmetrical. The ENT used a... READ MORE

I was told by one ocular plastic surgeon if any plastic surgeon offers me a brow lift for hooding to run? (Photos)

He said upper bleph for hooding is the only right way to correct it. He was not at all arrogant, but felt strongly about his opinion. He is a very highly respected ocular... READ MORE

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