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Could I Go Blind from my Tear Trough Injection? Eyes Feel Heavy Slighty Etc

Hello, I'm young and in my twenties. I've long had puffy under eye circles as it runs in my family. after consulting with three surgeons about it they all advised me that my... READ MORE

Vascular Occlusion After Tear Trough Filler?

Hello, How soon after getting my troughs injected would I know if I was having a vascular occlusion? How long would it take and how would I know? READ MORE

How Soon Can I Tell if my Vision Will Be Affected by Botox?

Hello, I got a total of 40 units 6 days ago.10 in the forehead for lines, 26 inbetween the eye brows to prevent frown lines,and roughly a unit or two at most near the eyebrows... READ MORE