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I am so sorry too. I don't have them in yet but I was planning on next month. Zabber I know you've had yours now for awhile how are they feeling now? I see you are very happy with them. READ COMMENT

Dear Inga Thanks for sharing. And I am sorry you went through such a traumatic event. I guess this procedure requires a lot patience and adherence to the after care. Your lips on the pic look beautiful I well tell you that much.... READ COMMENT

So nice to hear from you again and the recovery. I agree your lips are splendid. Can you maybe say a little more about the mobility, senstive to the lips etc. Just anything that is still bugging you.... even though I don't think... READ COMMENT

Thanks for all the updates. The latest pic is sensational. Now, how are your lips feeling so far? Too stiff and/or do you feel the implants? Keep the beautiful pics coming. It seems to me that if one does this surgery that you should... READ COMMENT

Hey there, your lips look great. How is the recovery coming along? Perhaps you could post more pics? Thanks for all the postings very encouraging. READ COMMENT