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So Glad I Put all my Hope in Dr Pontell - Media, PA

Well - I have suffered almost an entire year since my first nose surgery. It has been the harshest year of my life - no exaggeration - and I really appreciate all of the supportive and awesome people on Realself who have given me support, hope and a place to vent. Thank you all so very much! I have taken the leap - and booked my revision surgery with Dr. Pontell for March 4th. It is coming... READ MORE

The Jury is IN - Great Neck, NY

I have dreamed of having rhinoplasty for over 25 years but never was able to - either because of money or uncertainty or shifting priorities over the years etc. I recently hit the point where I couldn't stand hating what I saw everytime I looked in the mirror or at a photo of myself anymore. My selfconciousness affected me every day and I made the decision to just go for it and make a change... READ MORE

Questions from jcathope

Can a Revision Rhinoplasty Restore the Contour/ Bulbous Shape to my Nose?

I used to have a very bulbous nose. I had rhinoplasty 5 months ago to correct a few deformities - mainly a deviated tip. My surgeon ended up completely flattening down and... READ MORE

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Researching surgeons to fix my nose - any suggestions? In PA, NJ, NY, MD

Hi, I had a really bad primary rhinoplasty that has left me devastated  - The only thing keeping me going is the possibility of getting it fixed.  I won't be having... READ MORE

I need revision rhinoplasty stories! Whether good or bad I want to hear about what you went through...

Hi guys,  I am in the early stages of considering/researching a revision rhinoplasty - I have time because I need to wait longer - at least until March or April 2014 to... READ MORE

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No. Jacono definitely charges for consults. I mean dr pontell does not charge for consults READ COMMENT

Dr pontell in media PA was able to really improve me nose after Jacono destroyed it. It can't hurt to consult because he doesn't charge for consults. I know what you are going thru and i am so sorry. Sending you lots of love ans healing. READ COMMENT

Hi. Yes he DOES owe me. And many many others i have since had a revision with a dr right outside of philly. He had to rebuild my nose using my ear cartilidge. It was a much more complicated surgery and took a good deal of time, yet was... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry i didnt see your comment before. Thanks so much for your support and well wishes!! I did have a revision with dr pontell in media PA. It was successful and although it's not exactly what i would have wished for, I'm... READ COMMENT

I should also point out in case it's not obvious. My revision was NOT with jacono. I chose a real legit surgeon who did a really good job. It also cost $6K less than jacono gouged me for my primary and this surgery was much more... READ COMMENT