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I Really Did This!!! -Pittsburgh, PA

Forever, I have tried to compensate for the fat pad under my chin. In high school I recall stretching my neck as if I was intent in conversation, lol. In my teenage mind, I thought if I stretched my neck like an ostrich it would flatten that little fat pad. Well, as time moves on the fat pad morphed into the wrinkly, turkey waddle. A few years before, my sister took the leap and had her... READ MORE

Questions from lilt

How So I Find a PS?

I am disgusted. I have had consults with many plastic surgeons concerning neck lift surgery, however either through reviews or through word of mouth I hear horror stories about... READ MORE

What do you think about choosing a plastic surgeon not yet board certified and only in practice 1 1/2?

Everything I read is to have a board certified plastic surgeon perform your plastic surgery, What about a doctor who is a potentially a candidate for board cerfification and... READ MORE

Are there contraindications for a mini-facelift if you have cervical degeneration and bruxism?

I am scheduled for a mini neck lift next month. I am very excited, but of course as I overthink, I worry. I wondered if there could be a problem because I have arthritis in my... READ MORE

Should I be concerned that I unconsciously have slept twice on my side day 2 and 4 facelift post op?

I have had a great deal of trouble falling asleep on my back in an elevated position. So, I am pretty tired. Twice so far ( day 4 today) I have awakened on my side. What kind... READ MORE

Is it normal after a mini face lift/neck lipo and stitches to have some blood seep out after I applied pressure to the area?

Yesterday, I had my stitches removed Day 8 Post Op. One side of my neck below my ear lobe has been more swollen and there is a red patch. The nurse showed me how to apply... READ MORE

Why is my vision blurred 10 days post op neck lipo and facelift?

I had a mini facelift and neck lipo 10 days ago and since this my distance vision is the same, but up close it is very blurry. I spoke to the nurse who said that was normal.... READ MORE

Can I remove the scabs from the incision? ( 3 weeks post op mini lift and neck/lipo)

I am 3 weeks post op. I have a great deal of scabbing on the incision side that required a lot of work. It is more swollen on this side. This is the side that before surgery... READ MORE

Neck lipo 5 weeks post op. Does this look normal? (photo)

I still have some swelling and hard bumps under my chin and particularly on the left side, however these raised lines under chin are soft not hard. Is this excess skin? READ MORE

When swelling goes down does the skin and tissue retract and tighten or does it become lax?

I am still swollen and tight in front of my ears and neck since having neck lipo and a mini facelift 11 weeks ago. I wondered when the swelling finally dissipates will the... READ MORE

Can I have a tuck up/ revision without general anesthesia 6 months after a Mini Lift and Neck Liposuction? (photo)

I had a mini facelift Ian's neck lipo 6 months ago.Saw the PS at 6 weeks .I expressed concern about the ridge in front and under chin. He said it was just the Platysma band.... READ MORE

In your opinion how successful is the closed platysma band technique which requires only a local anesthesia?

Since having a mini face lift and neck liposuction 6 months ago, I have very visible platysma banding. I would like to avoid general anesthesia for a second time. READ MORE

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I am considering a facelift, however the more I research doctors the more confused I am. Pretty much every doctor in my city and the metro area have mixed reviews and or... READ MORE

Facelift / Necklift Recommendations Pittsburgh Pa?

I am still searching for a good plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh. The more that I research, the more negatives I find. Can someone recommend a plastic surgeon who is skilled and... READ MORE

How can you tell if you have an infection or a hematoma?

I saw the nurse today who removed my sutures. I had a mini facelift and neck lipo 8 days ago. I have swelling behind my left ear and below the ear lobe. It is red, raised,... READ MORE

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You deserve a good result. I am happy that you had the revision. READ COMMENT

Thanks. I will try to do so. READ COMMENT

I hope that this will resolve the issue for you. You really have had a time with this. The scar could be treated with laser treatment. I wish you the best. READ COMMENT

Thanks for the information. It did resolve. READ COMMENT

Thanks for your support. I will post a photo if I can. I am not the best when it comes to downloading photos. READ COMMENT