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How is Body Fat Accurately / Concretely Measured Before Suctioning It out Through Liposuction?

I haven't read anything about how body fat is measured to accurately determine how much might be safely suctioned out from each target area. How do doctors concretely know how... READ MORE

Buttock / Infragluteal Crease Liposuction?

Do you recommend suctioning out the buttock and posterior leg under the infragluteal crease with PAL liposuction on a very active, muscular woman with loose skin? READ MORE

Do You Recommend PAL Liposuction Incisions Be Made Below the Patella? (photo)

Is it safe and sound to make incisions here (as indicated in the picture), below the patella? Why or why not? READ MORE

Have You Ever Had Lipousction, Skin Revisions, Breast Reduction Yourself?

I was wondering if any of the doctors on this board will comment on the surgery they have had themselves. When operating on someone, do you consider what type of surgery you... READ MORE

Where Are Incisions Placed for Knee Liposuction?

Is there a reason to make incisions on the distal medial knee and posterior leg, both areas are muscular and without excess fat? READ MORE

How Much Fat Would Be Removed from an Athlete?

Petite and athletic. Body fat kept to a minimum through diet and exercise. Need for focal contour only. Can you just remove a few ounces and make the difference needed? Not... READ MORE

Is 300 Cc Equivalent in Size to a Small Grapefruit?

I just read that 300 cc's is about the equivalent in size to a small grapefruit. Is this accurate? READ MORE

Why is Morbidity the Defining Factor for Plastic Surgery?

Why is morbidity the defining factor for plastic surgery safely rather than disfiguration, and chronic pain that is so common?  Why wait until people die to set more sane... READ MORE

How Can Removing Essential, Healthy Fat Ever Be Good?

Fat regulates hormones, supplies energy, helps absorb vitamins, pads and insulates, and so on. Our bodies need a certain amount of healthy fat to function. If fat is suctioned... READ MORE

Does 5 Liters (5000 Cc) Equal About 14 Cans of Soda? (355 Ml Per Can)?

I'm trying to visualize this. From the information I've gathered, it looks like 5 liters (5,000 cc or 5000 ml) equals just over 14 (fourteen) cans of soda. Soda has 355 ml per... READ MORE

Why Should Death/Mortality Be the Defining Factor for Liposuction?

Liposuction is marketed for people with slight 'diet /exercise resistant contour irregularities', but the legal limit is 5 liters of fat that can be removed, which doesn't make... READ MORE

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How many liposuction incisions did your surgeon make?

Please let me know if that was also with another procedure. Also, were your drains left open or sutured up? Thank you! READ MORE

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My thoughts are with you today. I hope the ride was okay. I also feel pulling in my body from the surgery. Let us know how you're doing. READ COMMENT

Lillybeth, I just read your post. I'm so sorry. It's the same with liposuction. They lie, and the FDA doesn't seem to be protecting the public at all. No matter how bad, painful, obvious, and debilitating the disfigurement or illness,... READ COMMENT

Thank you for the reply. I think that we all have had our bodies judged in some way. I don't understand implants for many reasons, including health, and including that I was very athletic and that was the hardest part of large for me,... READ COMMENT

I echo yours thoughts. Curves are beautiful, as is small and sleek. READ COMMENT

I am wishing you well tomorrow. I hope that you find the relief and freedom in your body that you seek. I do want to comment on what you just wrote, however. I had naturally large breasts and an hourglass figure. I was a petite size 32... READ COMMENT