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Dr. Motykie is a Wizard - Beverly Hills, CA

Your overall experience will prob not be perfect, but your actual results will probably be pretty fricken close to perfect. If results are most important to you, I suggest going with Dr. Motykie. He is a wizard with fat. He is even amenable to fixing his work if you have issues with it, which is so rare among plastic surgeons. I've seen him twice and I would never see another surgeon. My only... READ MORE

3/4 syringe to lips - Morgan Hill, CA

I decided to see Dr. Struck based off of another reviewer and am so glad I did! First and foremost, he did a great job. I had Juvederm placed in my lips and nasolabial folds. This was my first experience with fillers so I was nervous about messing with my face. I'm hooked now! I look so much more beautiful! He gave me the exact look in my lips I was going for. I was also incredibly impressed... READ MORE

Lipo & Fat Transfer & Lift. Beverly Hills, CA

Overall, it was worth it. The procedures made a pretty large improvement. My expectations were probably a little high because he is a top doctor, so at first I was a little disappointed. The fat transfer to my face was perfect. I'm so pleased with it. The breast lift shape is great but the nipple shape is kind of odd; not quite circular. It may just need more time to heal. Time will tell; I... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Both Buttocks and Breasts - San Jose, CA

I am one week post op from fat transfer to both buttocks and breasts. After having my implants removed a year and a half ago I started to consider fat transfer to the breasts. I actually quite liked my breasts after explantation; they were just a little deflated looking at the top. What bothered me more was the fat on my inner thighs and knees. I tried for a long time to accept myself and was... READ MORE

Happy to Be Small-Breasted and Slightly Saggy! - San Jose, CA

I am 26 years old and had 350cc overfilled to 400cc smooth, round, saline implants placed under the muscle for 8 years. (I got the procedure done pretty much right as soon as I turned 18.) Before surgery I was hovering between A and B and now after the surgery I am exactly the same only a little saggier. Also, some of the skin around my left nipple contracted a little oddly but it's not very... READ MORE

Questions from SmallnHappy

I can't sleep after fat transfer to buttocks & breasts. Is it more important to not put pressure on grafted areas or get sleep?

I am 8 days post-op. I realize getting both done at once is not often recommended. In any case, I am only getting a few hours of fitful sleep at night and it is affecting me... READ MORE

Can ultherapy be used on breasts? (Photo)

I am 28 and had 400cc implants for 8 yrs (18-26), then had them removed. Thankfully they are only mildly saggy. I don't feel they are saggy enough to warrant a surgical lift. I... READ MORE

Which would most improve my knees - fat transfer, liposuction, or knee lift? (photos)

I had liposuction done on my entire legs, including above and around the knee. Now my knees sag more. I had fat transfer done to above the knee but it didn't help. Is this... READ MORE

Is not being able to smile 3 weeks after fat transfer to lips normal?

I've tried asking my PS but he doesn't answer questions; a medical assistant does. She says nerves are bruised and will take a few more weeks. I can smile a little but not... READ MORE

Recent comments from SmallnHappy

I forgot to mention that my breasts also became noticeably saggier bc they swelled so much (they were huge-way bigger than when I had d cups from implants) and then I lost pretty much all of the fat they put in so all it did was just... READ COMMENT

Yes, I provided pictures and I got 3/4 of a syringe. :) READ COMMENT

I have Kaiser so I used my insurance READ COMMENT

I had no pain during because I was under general. Like I mentioned, I've had other surgery under local and it is better to do general. Being awake is scary because someone is cutting into you and you are aware of it. Plus, getting the... READ COMMENT

Yeah, I felt it was too much. I'm so glad I had it under general. Ive had extensive surgery under local and it's much better to be out. Thanks for your compliments! READ COMMENT