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I Am Having a Nose Operation Done in June. Can I Have a Breast Augmentation in September?

So, can I have two surgeries three months apart? Is that possible? Or is it better to wait one year between them? READ MORE

Nose Looks Crooked After Rhinoplasty?

I just had my cast taken off an hour ago and my nose appears somehow a little deviated. Not very noticeable, just a tiny bit ( my family cannot even see it and my surgeon did... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty for Asymmetric Nostrils? (photo)

Had closed rhinoplasty two weeks ago. The tip is asymmetric still. My surgeon said it is partially due to swelling but also due to asymmetric nostrils I had prior my surgery.... READ MORE

Hanging Columella and Big Nasal Tip 3 Months Post Op? (photo)

Had closed rhinoplasty 3 months ago to remove a hump and lift the tip. I like the new nose, but the tip bothers me. In profile it appears ok, but in front view it looks droopy... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for my Lips? (photo)

Hi, I'm very unhappy with the look of my lips. They are way too thin and my mouth is small. I read about hyalaronic acid fillers, but they are only temporary and I really want... READ MORE

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Breast augmentation

Hi, i have finally decided to have it done. What size shall I go for based on the pictures of my breasts at the moment? I feel like I'm flat chested now but is it possible to... READ MORE

Secret Rhinoplasty. How to Handle Questions After?

I'm having rhinoplasty in a week. Only there close family members know. I have huge, crooked, long and humped nose and I'm worried that after my surgery people will notice I... READ MORE

What nose did you aim for and did you get what you wanted?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty around three weeks ago and now I have mixed feelings. I know my nose is still very swollen so I can't make a final judgement. My question is what was your... READ MORE

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Still swollen from the front, I had asymmetry but it resolved slowly. The hump I see it sometimes, other times not. It doesn't show on photos. Probably I'm still not used to this nose. I showed a photo to my surgeon of Queen Rania of... READ COMMENT

Really? I sometimes think its still too big and has a hump READ COMMENT

You have an amazing nose. Looks better than mine after rhinoplasty. I'd love such nose. READ COMMENT

I don't know, I was popular amongst men before and told I was pretty ( although I don't think so, I don't think I looked good before or even now, for me to consider myself pretty they have to transport me to another person's body which... READ COMMENT

No. People treat me the same. I'm the same person and I do look a bit different, but the people around me are not my friends for my looks. Choose your friends wisely. If people start treating you differently because of looks or money,... READ COMMENT