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Hey racks! Glad you're doing well! Weds ill be 3 weeks post-op. I feel like the only me, only look better. Lol no discomfort or pain. Just waiting on my left to drop a but more. My left muscle is thicker & stronger so its taking longer... READ COMMENT

I have tried to post pictures like 3 times but I think it's because I'm on my cell phone so is soon as I'm up to actually being on my laptop that's when I'll have pictures but I have been taking them from time to time from the beginning... READ COMMENT

Hey racks! Long time no see mama! You look amazing! I have my 2 week post op appt thurs. No bras for me though for 3 months! Ahhhh trying to hide my nips is a damn job! I feel amazibg though and loving my tatas ;-) READ COMMENT

Hey mama! I'm am doing sooo good! I feel fabulous! I took my 1st real shower today. From now on until I'm better, they will definitely be assisted. Lmao! I took my dressings off and just have my steri strips now. I was just tellin my... READ COMMENT